Unknown Flemish people are dropped in the wilderness of the Far North in the new program ‘Alone’ | TV

Unknown Flemish people are dropped in the wilderness of the Far North in the new program ‘Alone’ | TV
Unknown Flemish people are dropped in the wilderness of the Far North in the new program ‘Alone’ | TV

TVSurviving alone in the wilderness: that is the concept of the new program ‘Alone’ from Play 4 and Streamz. Unknown Flemish people are dropped in a remote area in the Far North, without a smartphone, without food, without contact with other candidates and even without a film crew. Anyone who wants to take on this “ultimate survival adventure” can register now.

In ‘Alone’ a number of candidates will have to survive separately in the wilderness of the Far North. The exact location of the lonely trek through the wilderness and the duration of the adventure are not yet known. But it is clear that the participants have a lot of courage and perseverance. The candidates will therefore have to rely entirely on themselves, even to look for food.

However, everyone is welcome to register and experience with survival techniques is not a requirement. This is what Barbara Salomon, spokesperson for Play 4, tells us. “Seasoned survivalists are certainly welcome to register, but everyone is welcome. Passion and drive are equally important in this adventure.” The selection is carefully made by a team of professionals. Just before dropping into the wilderness, the participants are prepared in a boot camp. There they learn, among other things, what they can and cannot eat from nature. The participant who can last the longest in the ordeal in unspoiled nature can ultimately call themselves the winner.

Given the intensity of the program, registered candidates will be subjected to psychological tests and will also be monitored during and after the program. “During their participation, there are checks by a doctor who also checks the psychological state of the candidates,” assures Salomon. Because the approach of ‘Alone’ – the title says it all – is loneliness and isolation. Unlike ‘The Expedition’, for example, there is not even a camera crew or production team to fall back on. The participants film themselves with cameras that they receive, equipped with batteries for long-term use. “So it is not only a test of physical skills, but certainly also of mental strength. It is a unique opportunity to push their boundaries and overcome their fears,” says Barbara.

The program is based on an international format that was broadcast in America, the United Kingdom and Australia, among others. It is not yet known when the Flemish version will be available on Streamz and Play4. You can register via goplay.be.


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