These are all eleven participants of ‘Special forces’

These are all eleven participants of ‘Special forces’
These are all eleven participants of ‘Special forces’

The list of candidates for the second season of ‘Special Forces’ is complete. — © Thomas Geuens

We already knew six participants, now VTM announces the last five recruits for the second season of ‘Special forces’. Television chef Loïc Van Impe and lawyer Davina Simons also go to South Africa for rigorous military training.

‘The toughest military training there is’, the press release even says. In Special forceswhich on paper looks a bit like Camp Waes, BVs train themselves into recruits for the elite team of our army. The first season, which aired last year, ended up in the collective memory due to the rather embarrassing participation of MR leader Georges-Louis Bouchez.

This year the eleven new candidates will travel through the bush of South Africa, just above Cape Town. Intensivist and ex-Smartest Person Geert Meyfroidt, Anderlecht icon Olivier Deschacht and Nora Gharib were the first names released. There were more people there in March At home-actress Lynn Van den Broeck, singer Gers Pardoelen and ex-cyclist Jan Bakelants.

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The latest group of candidates is led by television chef Loïc Van Impe, who not long ago had his own cooking program on VTM. “I participate to really encounter myself, because that has not happened yet. I want to experience something new, to touch something deep inside that has never been touched before.”

Lawyer Davina Simons, who has recently appeared regularly on Gert’s table, “has already been through something in her life”. She thinks that she will encounter herself mentally. Ex-cyclist Ine Beyen, Rebel-actor Saïd Boumazoughe and ex-boxer Ismaïl Abdoul complete the list.

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The new season of Special forces can be seen weekly on VTM from Monday 22 April. Anyone who has subscribed to Streamz can watch the full season from April 15.(dewo)

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