Debbie about new adventure in There they go again: ‘Seemed like a bad movie from the 1930s’ | Show

Debbie about new adventure in There they go again: ‘Seemed like a bad movie from the 1930s’ | Show
Debbie about new adventure in There they go again: ‘Seemed like a bad movie from the 1930s’ | Show

During the day B&B Full of Love viewers saw how Debbie Breg opened her bed and breakfast in Italy to a possible match. In There they go again she embarks on a whole new adventure. “I have gained much more respect for the Netherlands.”

Debbie Breg was featured in the first season of B&B Full of Love. Shortly after the program she met her Italian boyfriend Vincenzo, the man who designed the logos for her website. In There they go again, the new RTL program in which old TV stars make their comeback, the two start a glamping. They also buy and renovate a new house. There were some snags to that. “Our son Giuseppe was less than two months old when the recordings started. That’s why I didn’t immediately say yes when the request for the program came, but in the end I didn’t miss the opportunity for such a special document,” says Debbie. “It was quite tough, because I had only just become a mother. Yet I am overjoyed that we can later look back on what this special period of our lives was like.”

Bad movie

In There they go again Not only are Debbie’s vulnerable first months as a mother, but there appear to be more obstacles along the way. “In the program you see how Vincenzo and I started a glamping site and renovated a house between Naples and Salerno, Italy. Of course I already had my own bed and breakfast, but arranging such a project is quite a different story. In Italy you are constantly sent from A to B.” And then she also has a full-time remote job in the Netherlands. How does she combine that? “To accept that I sometimes have to wear two hats. It sometimes happens that I have my son in a video call. I’m not ashamed of that.” Debbie would nevertheless have preferred that the new Italian project with glamping and a brand new house had been completed before she had to give birth. “That was far too optimistic. They are very behind on everything here. It felt like I was in a bad movie from the 1930s.”


The more time Debbie spends abroad, the more she realizes how well organized things are in the Netherlands. The There they go again-participant wants to tell the viewer that it is fantastic to follow your dream to the sun, but there is something involved. Despite all the stress, she also hopes that viewers will learn from her that everything in life is possible, as long as you follow your own heart. “It doesn’t matter what people think of you: do what feels right. That’s really how I approach life.”

Debbie is not concerned with possible negative reactions to the program. “I still remember that B&B Full of Love. You know people are going to think something of you when you do something on television. That’s part of it: criticism doesn’t mean anything to me anymore. That was a great learning experience.” And friend Vincenzo? He thinks the same way. Laughing: “He tackles everything the Italian way. That sometimes causes tension between us. Which ones are they? You will see that in the program.”

* There They Go Again can be seen weekly on RTL 4 from Tuesday, April 2 at 8:30 PM.

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