Rising prices: what does this mean for your wallet? Ask your questions!

Rising prices: what does this mean for your wallet? Ask your questions!
Rising prices: what does this mean for your wallet? Ask your questions!

Groceries are becoming more and more expensive and the price of petrol is also rising to unprecedented heights. This creates a lot of uncertainty. Do you have questions about what all this means for your wallet? Then ask them here and budget coach Annemarie van Gaal will answer them tomorrow (Wednesday 7 September) in the Good Morning Netherlands broadcast.

Questions to budget coach Annemarie van Gaal

News about rising prices

Minister Yesilgöz: Increasing traffic fines not ‘to collect money’
Minister of Justice and Security Dilan Yesilgöz wants traffic fines to increase in line with inflation. That announcement came under much criticism for the minister, but Yesilgöz assures that this rule is not for “collecting money, that makes no sense. They are there for safety.”

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Retirees fear for their retirement due to declining purchasing power
Retirees sound the alarm in De Telegraaf about their current and future purchasing power. The representatives of four elderly people’s organizations are very uncertain that the new pension system would lead to a better pension. According to them, this does not fulfill the most important promise of the pension agreement.

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Bakers campaign against high energy prices: ‘About half is in danger of falling’
Like many other sectors, the bakery industry is suffering from sky-high energy prices. That is why they are campaigning for their right to exist from Tuesday to Prinsjesdag. If they are not compensated, the baker’s profession in the Netherlands will die out, warns baker and industry leader Arend Kisteman in Sven on 1 on NPO Radio 1.

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By: Jacob de Vries

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