NS is already adjusting timetable today due to staff shortage | NOW

NS is already adjusting timetable today due to staff shortage | NOW
NS is already adjusting timetable today due to staff shortage | NOW

NS will use fewer trains from today. This is necessary because the carrier is struggling with a major shortage of employees. For example, fewer intercity trains are running and the evening timetable starts at 8 p.m. instead of 10 p.m.

At NS they are about 1,400 people short, says trade union FNV. The carrier itself also indicates that it is no longer possible to continue with the current number of trains due to a lack of employees. The number of trains per day must be reduced, the company says.

In concrete terms, this means that on working days only four intercity trains run per hour instead of six. In addition, an intercity and a sprinter run every half hour in the evenings and at weekends. That was every fifteen minutes until today. The evening timetable also starts two hours earlier than usual.

Prevent train breakdowns

Normally, NS does not come up with a new timetable until December. But because there is such a great shortage of drivers and conductors, among other things, the company has decided to cancel services from Monday 5 September.

“We see that we cannot fully fulfill our current services with the shortage of colleagues. This causes train cancellations, disappointment among travelers and too much work pressure for our colleagues,” explained CEO Bert Groenewegen last month.

The high workload was also one of the reasons that NS staff resigned last week and the week before. Disagreements about wages also played a role. That conflict has not yet been resolved. There is therefore a good chance that new strikes will soon follow.

Warm up for December

The changes to the timetable that come into effect today are a warm-up for December, when NS cuts further in the offer. This is not only due to the staff shortage, but also because the old timetable was based on the number of travelers before the pandemic. NS now assumes that those numbers will not return.

As a result, there are even fewer intercity trains and sprinters. NS is also using fewer trains on the HSL route. On the other hand, more trains will run between Eindhoven and Amsterdam.

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