Live Gaza | The US does not yet want to comment on the content of the Hamas agreement


Live Gaza | VS wil nog niet inhoudelijk ingaan op akkoord Hamas

Hallo en welkom in dit liveblog. Hier houden we je op de hoogte van de ontwikkelingen rond de situatie in Gaza en de oorlog tussen Israël en Hamas. 
  • Hamas accepteert voorstel tot wapenstilstand
  • Nog geen officiële reactie Israël
  • Amerikanen kunnen geen aanvullende informatie geven


maandag 6 mei om 20:37

Amerikaanse veiligheidsadviseur kan geen extra informatie geven 
Op een persconferentie in het Witte Huis kan de Amerikaanse nationale veiligheidsadviseur John Kirby geen nieuwe informatie geven. Kirby geeft aan dat er “op dit moment” naar het voorstel tot wapenstilstand gekeken wordt, en dat de Amerikanen het bespreken met “partners in de regio”.

“We werken hard aan het bereiken van een wapenstilstand”, zei de veiligheidsadviseur. “Ik wil hier niets zeggen dat dat proces in gevaar brengt.”

Of Israël ook akkoord zal gaan, blijft dus onduidelijk. Kirby zei verder dat de Amerikaanse president Joe Biden maandag heeft gesproken met koning Abdullah II van Jordanië over de situatie in Gaza en pogingen om Israëlische gijzelaars vrij te krijgen.

maandag 6 mei om 20:17

People in Rafah celebrate Hamas agreeing to a ceasefire deal. But there is still no official response from Jerusalem and the first signals are not very positive. The current deal would not meet Israeli demands.

Monday May 6 at 8:09 PM

Hamas provides insight into the deal it has agreed to
A senior Hamas official has explained the deal it agreed to. The truce proposal foresees a complete withdrawal of Israeli forces from the Gaza Strip.

That should happen in the second of a total of three phases. Each phase has 42 days, the top official explains.

Monday May 6 at 8:06 PM

Israeli Minister: Hamas ‘playing games’ by sharing ceasefire news
For the first time, there has also been a response from the government of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. Radical right-wing security minister Itamar Ben-Gvir says Hamas is “playing games” by sharing news of the ceasefire.

Ben-Gvir is considered one of the most radical ministers in the government. He is putting pressure on Netanyahu to take tough action in the Gaza Strip and not give in to calls from Western allies to moderate the violence.

“Increase military pressure and continue with the complete destruction of Hamas,” he said, according to the news channel Al Jazeera in a social media post.

Monday May 6 at 7:52 PM

Israeli army spokesperson: ‘We are investigating every answer’
When asked, a spokesperson for the Israeli army would not comment on a possible ceasefire. “We are examining every response and response (from Hamas) and exploring every possibility regarding negotiations and getting the hostages back,” the spokesperson said.

Monday May 6 at 7:48 PM

Palestinians in Rafah cheer after Hamas agrees to a ceasefire. The only question is whether this ceasefire will come about. Israel does not appear to find the terms of Egypt and Qatar’s proposal acceptable, but has not yet responded openly.

Monday May 6 at 7:43 PM

No official response yet from Israel
There has been no official response from Israel to the ceasefire proposal. Reuters reports, based on an anonymous official, that the proposal is “not acceptable”, but Netanyahu’s government has not yet spoken out openly.

Monday May 6 at 7:41 PM

White House gives press conference at 8:15 p.m
The White House will hold a press conference at 8:15 PM (Dutch time). This will likely share more information about the conversation between Biden and Netanyahu. National Security Advisor John Kirby will also elaborate on the ceasefire proposal.

Monday May 6 at 7:40 PM

Biden convinces Netanyahu to reopen attacked border post
US President Joe Biden called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu earlier today. The White House said Netanyahu has pledged to reopen the Kerem Shalom border crossing between Israel and the Gaza Strip for humanitarian transport.

The border crossing just a few kilometers from Rafah was attacked by Hamas yesterday, killing four Israeli soldiers. In response, Israel closed the transition. Biden urged Netanyahu to allow aid again.

Monday May 6 at 7:32 PM

Israel is still ‘studying’ the situation
The Israeli Channel 12 reports that the Israeli negotiating team is “studying” Hamas’ response. An official response should follow shortly.

Monday May 6 at 7:24 PM

Anonymous Israeli official calls deal a Hamas trick
According to the Israeli official who met Reuters says, Hamas’s agreement is a “ruse.” It would be a way to portray Israel as the party that is obstructing an agreement. The official wishes to remain anonymous.

Monday May 6 at 7:21 PM


Many residents of Rafah have already fled to the tents set up by the Israeli army nearby.

Monday May 6 at 7:19 PM


Why negotiations between Israel and Hamas are stuck
Israel and Hamas have been negotiating a ceasefire for months without success. The Israeli army’s call to evacuate Palestinian civilians does not make things any easier. What is going on and why are the negotiations stuck? Read it here.

Monday May 6 at 7:17 PM

Israel does not agree to proposal
Israel does not agree to the ceasefire proposal, Israeli media and news agency report Reuters. The mediators’ proposal is “a softened version”, quotes Reuters an Israeli official. It would also contain “far-reaching conclusions” that Israel does not agree with. The proposal is therefore not acceptable to Israel.

Monday May 6 at 7:14 PM

Attack on Rafah seems imminent
While mediators in Cairo discussed a ceasefire, Israel appeared to be preparing an offensive on the south of the Gaza Strip in recent days. The Israeli army called on residents of the Rafah border region to evacuate.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said several times that the offensive was necessary to “destroy” Hamas and that calling off the attack was therefore not an option even if a truce were reached.

Monday May 6 at 7:08 PM

Hamas accepts mediators’ file
Hamas agrees to a proposed ceasefire in Gaza. The Palestinian group informed Egyptian and Qatari mediators in Cairo. In a statement, Hamas said its leader Ismail Haniya had informed Qatar’s prime minister and the head of Egypt’s intelligence service.

What exactly the agreement entails has not yet been announced. Earlier there was talk of a ceasefire and a prisoner exchange between Israel and Hamas.

It is not yet clear whether Israel also agrees to the proposal.

Beeld: Reuters

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