Scooter rider injured in Vogelaer accident


Honselersdijk 06.05.2024 – An accident took place at Vogelaer in Honselersdijk just after 3:30 PM on Monday afternoon between a scooter and a commercial vehicle near Van Buerenlaan.

Two boys were both riding on a scooter along the Van Buerenlaan towards the Vogelaer.

At the intersection, one scooter braked, but the other scooter rider with a passenger on the back drove a little further and collided with the driver of the commercial vehicle who was just passing on the Vogelaer towards the Zuydwijckweg. According to a bystander, he managed to prevent the duo from being hit at the front by swerving.

The driver suffered a leg wound from the impact, but his passenger was unharmed. There was a lot of damage to the front of the scooter. After the accident, the company car was put aside so that traffic could continue. The injured boy was rushed to hospital without emergency. It was noticeably busy at the Vogelaer around that time and there was also a lot of freight traffic. The police helped settle the accident.

The article is in Dutch

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