Tzum | News: This is the longlist for Thea Beckman Prize 2024

Tzum | News: This is the longlist for Thea Beckman Prize 2024
Tzum | News: This is the longlist for Thea Beckman Prize 2024

The Thea Beckman Prize for the best historical children’s book is alternately awarded to children’s books up to 12 years old and children’s books from 12 years old. This year it is the turn of the first category and the jury found the range so rich that they expanded the longlist to 12 titles. Here they are:

Nienke Berends – Aaf continues to dig Clavis, February 2023
Arend van Dam – The true history of Dancing Buffalo Van Holkema & Warendorf, Aug 2023
Linda Dielemans – King’s game Leopold, October 2023
Ida Does – Virginia Querido, September 2023
Henna Goudzand Nahar – Sugarland Querido, April 2023
Elsbeth de Jager – Nothing more than a number Kluitman, March 2023
Martine Letterie – Children from far away Leopold – November 2022
Benny Lindelauf – They had counted their sheep Querido, November 2022
Christinne Linneweer – Wexy, the exciting life of a warhorse Kluitman, September 2023
Joyce Pool – Stew with bullets Lemniscaat, January 2022
Edward van de Vendel & Anousch Elman – Mishka Querido, August 2022
Zindzi Zevenbergen/Hedy Tjin – The journey of Manie Schaafijs De Harmonie, June 2023

In addition to the adult jury, there is also a youth jury. This awards De Jonge Beckman, the prize for the best historical children’s book according to the readers themselves. A panel of twelve enthusiastic children reads the shortlist and makes their own choice for a winner. Emmy Stevens accompanies this jury.

Because the opinion of the youth readers of the historical books is just as important as that of the adult jury, it has been decided to equalize the prize money for both prizes. The winner of the Thea Beckman Prize will receive €1,250 and the winner of the De Jonge Beckman will also receive €1,250. The jury consists of Hubert Slings (chairman), Liselotte Dessauvagie, Rutger van Driel, Inge Mooiman, Monique Veldman and Moniek Warmer.

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