Pricey stamp: that’s how expensive it will be to send a letter from the summer onwards


PostNL will increase the price of stamps by five cents from July. Instead of € 1.09, a stamp will cost € 1.14.

This is why the stamp becomes more expensive

Why does the postal service do this? Things have not been going well for PostNL for some time. In the first quarter of this year there was a loss of 8 million (!) euros. The reason for this is that costs rose sharply, for example due to higher wages for delivery drivers, it was reported We also all send much less mail than before.

According to Herna Verhagen, the CEO of PostNL, it is ‘clearly time for change’. Last month it became apparent that the company no longer wants to deliver mail every day, but every other day. This first requires a change in the law. That is why the company is now first increasing the stamp price to cope with rising costs.

Previous increase in the price of stamps

It is not the first time that PostNL has increased the price of a stamp. In January this year, the price already rose from € 1.01 to € 1.09. This means that from July a stamp will be 13 cents more expensive than last year. According to the postal company, this falls within the legal scope to increase annual rates.

Stock up on stamps

Anyone who likes to convey a message the old-fashioned way would do well to stock up on stamps now. Despite the rate changes, many stamps remain valid. This concerns stamps in the categories ‘Netherlands 1 and 2’, ‘Europe 1 and 2’ and ‘World 1’, PostNL reports.

Send a letter? This is possible with a stamp from Queen Máxima. Our queen received her own stamp in honor of her 50th birthday in 2021. You can see all about it in the video below.


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