Jhonatan Narvaez spoils Tadej Pogacar’s pink party in Turin


Giro d’Italia

14:03 Venaria Reale – 5:15 PM Turin

It will not be a pink playground from the first to the last day: Tadej Pogacar (UAE) missed out on the stage victory and the pink jersey on the opening day of this Giro. The Slovenian could not drop Jhonatan Narvaez (Ineos) in a difficult final and the Ecuadorian was the fastest after a sprint with the three of them. Maximilian Schachmann (Bora-Hansgrohe) nestled between the duo. Quinten Hermans (6th) and Mauri Vansevenant (7th) contributed to the top 10.

The 1st Giro stage in a nutshell:

  • Winner of the day: in Ghent-Wevelgem, Jhonatan Narvaez saw his spring end abruptly due to a concussion in a fall. 6 weeks later he conquers his first pink jersey ever and his 2nd stage victory in the Giro.
  • Loser of the day: Thymen Arensman is on paper the shadow leader of Ineos-Grenadiers. But the Dutchman was already hit with a turn of 2’17” today.
  • Still waiting for pink: Tadej Pogacar seemed unbeatable on paper in this stage, but that was without Narvaez. Tomorrow Pogacar can take over the pink on the first uphill finish.

Pogacar provides fireworks on pimples

How can Tadej Pogacar miss out on the pink jersey in the opening stage? That was the big question at the start.

His teammates immediately brought up the sieve on the Colle Maddalena. Classification men such as Arensman and Bardet did not survive the selection.

Outsiders such as Luke Plapp, Valentin Paret-Peintre and Romandie revelation Lipowitz also saw stars. “Heavyweight” Ganna remained on board.

With a blistering attack, Pogacar suffocated friend and foe at the foot of the steep final hill.

Only Alaphilippe and Jhonatan Narvaez could follow the unleashed Slovenian, but the Frenchman had messed up.

When Pogacar fired another flare just before the top, Narvaez remained firmly stuck in his wheel.


On the descent Schachmann came to hook up his cart. Pogacar kept accelerating to gain as many seconds as possible from the competition.

From the front, Pogacar started the sprint from quite a distance. Narvaez quickly got off the wheel and handed the supposedly unbeatable Slovenian a sprint defeat.

So no first pink jersey for Pogacar, but for Ineos-Grenadiers and Narvaez. Tomorrow the first arrival uphill to Oropa awaits. Will the pink jersey end up in the hands of Pogacar?


Reactions from Hermans, Vansevenant and Uijtdebroeks

  • Quinten Hermans (6th): “I felt very good. But I soon saw that Pogacar was pulling away quite impressively at the foot with 2 men at his wheel. My legs reassured me. We will see what is possible later in this Giro.”
  • Mauri Vansevenant (7th): “It’s very simple. When Pogacar goes, it is very difficult to follow. On such a steep climb, the trick is to ride at your own pace.”

    “I was thinking about the white jersey today, because it is the last year that I am eligible for it. Tomorrow will be another difficult stage, maybe I will succeed.”

    “I started with the intention of going all out for the first 2 days. After that, we’ll see.”

  • Cian Uijtdebroeks (14th): “I felt good on the long climb (Maddalena). The last climb was very explosive. I was a bit too far and had to close some gaps. The lactic acid therefore accumulated quickly.”

    “The fact that some classification men have lost time gives confidence and is fun. Tomorrow I want to hang on as long as possible.”


Phase by phase

2 Belgians in the top 10

1. Narvaez
2. Schachmann
3. Pogacar
4. Baudin on 6″
5. Conci on 10″
6. Hermans
7. Vansevenant
8. Tiberi
9. Valter

The big loser of the day is Thymen Arensman, teammate of Narvaez. The Dutchman arrives at 2’17”.

Narvaez floors Pogacar!

Pogacar can be beat.

The Slovenian starts the sprint from quite a distance and is rolled up by Narvaez. Stage win and pink jersey for the Ecuadorian from Ineos.

Pogacar starts the sprint.

Pogacar steams under the red rag. Narvaez and Schachmann are in his wheel.

O’Connor suddenly emerges from the background like a devil out of a box.

Schachmann returns

Will it be a sprint with the three of us?

Schachmann joins Pogacar and Narvaez. Another mile and a half.

Head duo

Just before the top, Pogacar shoots another flare, Narvaez continues to cling to his wheel.

Schachmann is also not far away.

Narvaez holds out against Pogacar

Alaphilippe also now sees dark clouds. Pogacar suffocates friend and enemy, only Narvaez refuses to break.

Pogacar unleashed

Only Narvaez and Alaphilippe can keep up with the Slovenian. Everything else is gone.

Pogacar goes!

At the foot of the climb, Pogacar steps on the accelerator. Alaphilippe goes along smoothly.

Conci solo

In the meantime, Alpecin-Deceuninck rider Nicola Conci has lost out in the leading group. The Italian approaches the steep San Vito.

When will Pogacar drop a bomb?

Another 5 km

Pogacar looks at the situation from 4th position in the peloton. Majka tries to drag him as close as possible to the escapees.

The thinned peloton is 20 seconds behind the eight leaders. The steep San Vito awaits you in about two kilometers.

There’s Vansevenant

In the peloton, Vansevenant reacts to a lunge by Scaroni. Thomas is also involved in the debates.

8 frontrunners

Lilian Calmejane (Intermarché-Wanty)

Maximilian Schachmann (Bora-Hansgrohe)

Mikel Honoré (EF Education-EasyPost)

Nicola Conci (Alpecin-Deceuninck)

Alessandro De Marchi (Jayco-AlUla)

Giulio Pellizarri (VF Group-Bardiani)

Damiano Caruso (Bahrain Victorious)

Alex Baudin (Decathlon-AG2R)

Barrage of attacks

Pogacar only has Majka in support, so many attackers can smell an opportunity.

The trio Schachmann, Honoré and Conci are the first to chat away. A group with De Marchi, Caruso, Pellizzari and Baudin tries to make the crossing.

Calmejane not yet seized

At the top of the Maddalena they could almost lick the calves of the attacking Frenchman. Now his lead is suddenly half a minute again.

Another 20 km

With about forty riders they are still in the thinned out peloton.

Uijtdebroeks, Vansevenant and Hermans survived the selection. The heavy Ganna is also still hanging on it.

Giro d’Italia

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