Breaking. Old people die

Breaking. Old people die
Breaking. Old people die

Dropouts in life’s most boring competition

All people die at some point, but on average old people die just a little earlier. And you know who really dies often? Correct, aid workers in Gaza the very oldest people. Yet the media loves the very oldest man or woman who dies. Then the news sites fill up with obituaries full of useless details about the classic car that has just been clocked out, as if you would also become 114 years old if you downed a glass of aguardiente every morning, consistently walked around your olive grove in the afternoon or polished your pudding gun every evening. Of course not. You are already knocking on Valhalla’s gate well before you turn a century, because you are gulping exhaust fumes in traffic jams every day and your body contains more and more PFAS. Those n=1 studies are worth nothing and only contribute to the idea that life is more about quantity instead of quality. And as soon as the eldest dies, a newest eldest person appears who did absolutely nothing for his or her fame other than waiting a very long time to die. Of course, it disappears a few months later and so we continue to go round and round in this media carousel at the fair of postponed death. If it takes too long, there is always the oldest Dutch person, oldest Gelderlander, oldest Dutch person in Australia, oldest elephant in the Netherlands or second oldest person in the world to copy exactly the same meaningless bits of shit. Just stop, because this tune is getting too old.

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