Win book Anna’s Island by Eva Vriend

Win book Anna’s Island by Eva Vriend
Win book Anna’s Island by Eva Vriend

The moving history of Schokland and the search for a lost home. Eva Vriend late in the book Anna’s Island see how the story of the former Zuiderzee island continues to this day.

About the book

Anna Diender was not born there, but she felt connected to it in everything. With Schokland, that magical place in the middle of the tight Flevopolder. For a long time, Schokland was a lively fishing island in the Zuiderzee. It was home to Anna’s grandparents. Until the government decided to evacuate the island in 1859. Later, with the closure and reclamation, it disappeared from the map for good. But this by no means meant the end of the Schokker story for Anna and for many thousands of descendants.

In Anna’s Island Eva Vriend shows how history can continue for generations. Using the ordinary fisherman’s daughter, she brings the disappeared island to life. She talks about the hardships, the many floods and the dramatic evacuation. About roots, migration and identity. But above all, it’s about how everyone is looking for a ‘home’. And that could also be, as with Anna, an island that no longer exists.

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