Zinc smelter Nyrstar in Budel needs ‘urgent’ support

Zinc smelter Nyrstar in Budel needs ‘urgent’ support
Zinc smelter Nyrstar in Budel needs ‘urgent’ support

In January, Nyrstar decided to halt work in Budel after the lack of help from The Hague. In other countries, production continues despite high costs, because the work there is still profitable thanks to government support.

“What we now see is that energy prices have fallen, but that there is no level playing field within Europe,” says Janssen. “If that isn’t resolved, we have a problem.” He confirms that he is afraid that Nyrstar might otherwise have to leave the Netherlands. “A first point of concern,” according to Janssen, is to “keep everyone on board.”


Nyrstar, a subsidiary of commodity trader Trafigura, claims to be the market leader in zinc and lead processing and has its head office in Budel-Dorplein. The company has approximately 4,000 employees worldwide, of whom approximately 485 work at the production location in Budel.

One of the reasons why Nyrstar is struggling is the loss of indirect cost compensation. This is a scheme that compensates large consumers of electricity for the CO2 tax that electricity companies pay and pass on to their customers. This scheme was seen by the government as a fossil subsidy.

Green power

But Janssen emphasizes that Nyrstar’s production in the Netherlands runs on green energy. According to the CEO, different choices are made in other countries. “We look at this: which industry do we want to keep on board? What is sustainable?” Janssen does not say exactly how much and what kind of support his company needs. However, he does reveal something about the period in question. “At least in the coming years.”

Janssen’s plea is supported by Theo Henrar, chairman of the business organization for the technological industry FME. According to him, a company like Nyrstar loses out on 75 million to 90 million euros per year compared to competition in other European countries. He also says that “this company is just one of 90 companies that are not being helped” by the government. “Companies are scratching their heads as to whether they should continue to make their investments in the Netherlands. Even though the cabinet is resigning, my appeal to Ministers Van Weyenberg and Jetten is: come up with measures and clarity before the next company collapses.”

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