First chaos is expected on the Brenner motorway from today

First chaos is expected on the Brenner motorway from today
First chaos is expected on the Brenner motorway from today

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A lot of traffic jams are expected on the Brenner autobahn (A13) in the coming years. A major renovation of the Luegbrücke on this famous highway is underway. Although the real work won’t start until next year, preparations are already being made. As of today, test barriers are already taking place on the Brenner autobahn. This is a kind of dress rehearsal and several lanes are closed.

Barriers on the Brennerautobahn

To experience what can be expected of the traffic situation during the work, tests will be carried out on the Brenner Autobahn in the near future. From today until April 12, only one lane will be open in the southbound direction. The same applies to the northbound side of the highway from April 10 to 30. This will also be the situation during the work on the Luegbrücke on the Brenner autobahn. Traffic jams and congestion are therefore expected on the highway in the coming month. All this to be well prepared for the actual traffic situation during the renovation work from 2025 to 2027.

Activities Luegbrücke

A major change is planned for the well-known Brenner motorway from Innsbruck to Italy from 2025. The Luegbrücke at Gries am Brenner needs to be renovated. Despite several adjustments in recent years, a new bridge is needed. The old structure can no longer handle the traffic. This is probably why parts of the highway will be closed for a long time during the work in the coming years.

Restrictions on Brennerautobahn Luegbrücke works

Various restrictions will apply. What exactly? That is not entirely clear yet. In addition to the closed lanes, ASFiNAG also reports on any driving bans for freight traffic. There is even talk of a total closure of a large part of the Brenner autobahn. There will be a calendar for the relevant days in terms of traffic bans. How severe the restrictions will be will depend on the results of, among other things, the test that is now being carried out on the Brenner motorway.

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