We are tracking a tornado warning in our coverage area

We are tracking a tornado warning in our coverage area
We are tracking a tornado warning in our coverage area

KENTUCKY (WKYT) – We are tracking severe weather making its way through the Commonwealth.

Four tornadoes have been confirmed to have touched down across areas of central Kentucky so far. The National Weather Service has confirmed EF1 tornadoes in Nelson, Anderson, Jessamine and Boyd counties.

Fayette County

We have seen trees down across Lexington.

One man in the Chevy Chase neighborhood says he watched as one tree landed on his car. Reece Sherrard says he’s grateful he wasn’t in the car when it happened, but unfortunately, the car is now totaled.

“I was sitting in my room, and I had just woke up when I heard the wind start to gust real hard. I peeked out just to see what was going on and I saw this tree just smash right on top,” said Sherrard. “I saw my hazard lights come on and I was just like, ‘Oh my gosh.’”

Sherrard says soon after a different tree just barely missed his home.

Our crews saw at least half a dozen homes condemned in the Chevy Chase neighborhood. Linda Brumfield’s home is among those. She says her family has owned the Melrose Avenue home since 1956. She grew up there and now owns it.

Brumfield was inside when a tree fell on her home and her car. She tells us her home is now condemned. Firefighters told her she couldn’t go back in for her belongings. What she was able to grab on her way out is all she has access to at least for now. Her car was also totaled by that fallen tree.

“Back of my house is pretty much destroyed. The car has been destroyed. There’s some cracks inside the house in the ceiling. Fire department came and turned off the power and the gas. So, I’m kinda looking for somewhere to stay,” Brumfield said.

Brumfield says she’s just grateful she and her cat were able to get out safely.

Jessamine County

A line of strong weather came through parts of Nicholasville Tuesday morning.

Several businesses were damaged but no one was injured.

Nicholasville police kept access limited in an area near 27.

“My buildings have all been moved around. Some have been blown apart. Trailers thrown all over the place,” said Adam Broadway with Ky Trailer and Shed Authority.

The trailer and shed business was topple,d but The Boot Store next door was hardly touched. Several businesses on Park Central Avenue were also damaged. But no one was hurt. It’s all a concern knowing what may still happen later.

“It is the safety of our citizens. Even though this is a residential area, this is a busy area, especially for a Tuesday. Our priority is to get here as fast as we can and make sure everyone is out of these buildings,” said Assistant Chief Matt Marshall with Nicholasville Police.

Nicholsville police were going to allow for limit access to these businesses until 5 pm, but people will have to check in with police. Also, the National Weather Service was planning to visit this area to determine if it was a tornado or not.

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