Pack of cigarettes? From today onwards you will pay a lot more for that

Pack of cigarettes? From today onwards you will pay a lot more for that
Pack of cigarettes? From today onwards you will pay a lot more for that

Smoking has become an even more expensive hobby from today. The prices for cigarettes and rolling tobacco have been increased again, and significantly so. It is the highest increase ever.

You now pay about 11 euros for a pack of twenty cigarettes. That was recently 9 euros. A 50 gram pack of tobacco will cost 24.62 euros, 8 euros more than before. By the way, retailers are still allowed to use up their old stocks at the old prices first, so you don’t pay the new prices everywhere yet.

The government wants smoking to become less and less attractive, in other words a discouragement policy. The higher prices take further steps towards a smoke-free generation. From July 1, 2024, a tobacco sales ban will also come into effect for all supermarkets in the Netherlands. Albert Heijn stopped this on January 1.

VSK suspects that smokers will seek refuge abroad

Director Jan Hein Sträter of the Association of Dutch Cigarette and Cut Tobacco Manufacturers (VSK) previously warned that even more smokers will soon buy their cigarettes and rolling tobacco abroad. “A quarter of the cigarettes smoked in the Netherlands already come from abroad. For rolling tobacco it is even as high as 37 percent. That will only increase.”

“Cigarettes will soon be 3.80 euros cheaper in Germany, a pack of tobacco even 15 euros,” said Sträter. “That makes it very worthwhile to shop across the border, in Germany, Belgium or Luxembourg.”

Health organizations happy with price increase

The Heart Foundation, KWF Kankerbestrijding and Lungfonds said they were pleased with the new prices for tobacco. “This excise tax increase is a very important step towards a Smoke-Free Generation,” said KWF director Carla van Gils. “No one wants their child to start smoking. And research has shown that making cigarettes more expensive helps with this.”

KWF hopes that the increase in excise duties will encourage existing smokers to quit or reduce their smoking. “Increasing the price is the most effective measure to stimulate this, especially if it is used year after year and good smoking cessation help is available.”

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