‘Uncles’ season 2 can be found on Streamz from today

‘Uncles’ season 2 can be found on Streamz from today
‘Uncles’ season 2 can be found on Streamz from today

by Ulrike Vandamme
published on Monday April 1, 2024 to 08:59
2 min read

The second season of Uncles can be viewed on Streamz from today. Anyone who does not have a subscription to Streamz will have to be patient for a few more weeks, because from Thursday, April 18, a weekly episode will be released on Play4 and GoPlay.

The first season of Uncles appeared on Play4 in 2022 and became an instant success. It came as no surprise that a second season was quickly announced. We will of course see Jelle De Beule, Rik Verheye and Wim Willaert as the brothers Luc, Willy and Pol, but the other characters will also make an appearance again.

Uncles season 2

In the first season of Uncles we met Luc (Jelle De Beule), Willy (Rik Verheye) and Pol Persyn (Wim Willaert). They live a quiet West Flemish life that – especially for Willy – is all about artificial grass. But one day Innocent (Blaise Alfonso) suddenly shows up at Luc’s door. It concerns a Cameroonian refugee with whom Luc has been exchanging letters for several years. In those letters he had written that Innocent was always welcome in Belgium. But he didn’t think he would take this literally. And Innocent ensures that the quiet West Flemish village life gets a new twist.

In the second season we will again follow the three brothers who this time face new problems. Innocent falls in love, Willy faces merciless competition on the artificial grass market and Luc tries to get out from under Carine’s (Isabelle Van Hecke) arse. In addition to the well-known characters, we will also see some new faces in the new season.

The second season of Uncles can be found completely on Streamz from today. From Thursday April 18 you will also be able to watch the new season on Play4 and GoPlay.


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