Blowing is legal in Germany from today, but there are still many rules

Blowing is legal in Germany from today, but there are still many rules
Blowing is legal in Germany from today, but there are still many rules

At the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, supporters of legalization celebrated their ‘victory’ last night by lighting up joints. According to German media, around 1,500 cannabis enthusiasts attended the smoking meeting.

The run-up to legalization was long and bumpy. For years, the German parliament debated whether the ban on cannabis should be abolished. Until just over a week ago, opponents tried to stop legalization, but today the time has finally come.

As of today, adults in Germany are allowed to have a maximum of 50 grams of weed at home. On the street they are allowed to carry a maximum of 25 grams. In the Netherlands this is a maximum of 5 grams.

Cannabis clubs

This cannabis can be grown at home, Germans are allowed to have up to three cannabis plants at home (in the Netherlands five plants are allowed for personal use).

Germans will soon also be able to become members of so-called ‘cannabis social clubs’, where they can buy their soft drugs. These clubs may have a maximum of 500 members. Only German residents aged 18 or older can become members. It will take until July 1 of this year before the cannabis clubs are allowed to become active.

Blowing is now allowed in Germany at home and on the street, but not near schools and playgrounds. In pedestrian zones, smoking weed is only allowed after 8 p.m.

The legalization of cannabis is causing great division in Germany. Last February, 47 percent of Germans said they were in favor. 42 percent then said they did not support legalization. The new regulations are also causing a lot of discussion in politics.

Opponents fear health damage from cannabis use, especially among young people. Advocates hope that with legalization, the widespread illegal cannabis trade in Germany will finally decline.

To wind back

The Christian parties CDU and CSU are strongly against legalization. The Prime Minister of the southern state of Bavaria, CSU leader Markus Söder, has already announced that he wants to comply with the rules as strictly as possible. The CDU and CSU have announced that they want to reverse legalization if they govern in the future.

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