Yolanthe risks a $20,000 fine on vacation

Yolanthe risks a $20,000 fine on vacation
Yolanthe risks a $20,000 fine on vacation

Yolanthe Cabau is currently on holiday and she is staying in a beautiful location together with her son Xess Xava. And where Yolanthe normally shares everything from her holiday on Instagram, this time she risks a fine of no less than 20,000 dollars…

Yolanthe shares a video of her accommodation in Instagram Stories. Together with Xess Xava she stays at Mojave Moon Ranch, an Airbnb located in Joshua Tree National Park in California.

Hefty fine

And anyone who wants to stay in this special environment will have to dig deep into their pockets. Yolanthe pays more than nine hundred euros per night for the accommodation. In addition, it can be read on the Airbnb website that Yolanthe risks a hefty fine. There is a large work of art on the grounds of which no photos are allowed. If that happens, no less than $20,000 must be paid.

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Although Yolanthe makes no secret of her openness to new love, she recently announced that she is not looking for a man. “Being alone has taught me a lot and therefore made me stronger. I am kind to myself, I am happy with who I am and I am not looking for my happiness in someone else,” she said in conversation with Beau Monde. She did say that she does not prefer well-known men. “Of course you can’t force that, but my first choice would certainly not be a well-known person.”

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