What are the differences between white and green asparagus?

What are the differences between white and green asparagus?
What are the differences between white and green asparagus?

The period in which white asparagus from Dutch soil is available has started. This version is available for a few months each year, while green asparagus is available in stores all year round. What are the differences between the 2, besides the color? And how do they get their color?

How does asparagus get its white or green color?

White asparagus grows underground and often under a black tarp. This ensures that they really stay white. Sometimes heads are visible above the soil, but this is often supplemented with soil when the vegetable is not yet ripe. Green asparagus comes from the same plant as the white, but they grow above the ground. Sunlight makes them green.

The taste of white and green asparagus

In addition, the taste of the white and green versions is different. Green asparagus is a bit more earthy and savory. The white version is a bit sweeter, softer and milder. That also has to do with the preparation. The green ones are better grilled (briefly), stir-fried or roasted in the oven, while the white ones are often boiled.

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To peel or not to peel?

While white asparagus must be peeled, this is not necessary for the green variety. It is advisable to cut off the bottom, because it is not tasty. If they have very thick stems, you can choose to peel the bottom half and cut 1.5 centimeters from the bottom.

Freeze white asparagus

The white asparagus season runs roughly from March to the end of June. If you want to enjoy the white gold for longer, you can choose to freeze them. When done correctly, they have a shelf life of 4 to 6 months. The vegetables go into the freezer raw, but must be peeled. Read more about this in our previous article.


Got a craving for vegetables? We have recipes for both the white and green variants on our website!

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