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Sponsored: Last chance to win this high-end phone

Sponsored: Last chance to win this high-end phone
Sponsored: Last chance to win this high-end phone

The smartphone is playing an increasingly important role in our lives. OnePlus therefore markets phones with the best price-performance ratio. The 10T is a great example of this. This phone features the brand new Snapdragon 8+ gen 1, which ensures perfect performance at any time imaginable. We explain on the basis of five points how OnePlus can assure you of top performance.

The OnePlus 10T

1. No frame drops

Under the sleek black or emerald green exterior, much more is happening than what you see at first glance. An important feature is the HyperBoost Gaming Engine, which ensures that you can continue to play super-heavy games effortlessly without experiencing frame drops.

Gaming without delay.

2. Get rid of the mediocre reception

Who doesn’t know the moment when you want to quickly look up where you are somewhere in the city or want to play a game on a bench, but find out that this is impossible due to the poor reception of the mobile network. That will not happen to you quickly with this device. Where some phones have only a few antennas, this model has fifteen. They are placed around the phone, so that you are assured of good reception not only when you hold the phone in portrait mode, but also when you play games or take pictures in landscape mode.

Fifteen antennas ensure a continuous connection.

3. Don’t lose a moment

Gaming, working, photographing, surfing the internet, app and much more: your smartphone helps you with it. However, it can also happen with the 10T that the battery runs out. That’s no problem, because you can recharge it completely in no time. OnePlus has provided the phone with an extremely fast charging system. The battery is split into two parts and also equipped with two charging pumps. In total, the battery measures no less than 4800mAh and if you use the supplied free charger and USB-C cable, you can fully recharge it in less than twenty minutes thanks to 160W Supervooc.

4. No battery wear

A lot is expected from the battery of a smartphone; he must continuously deliver top performances. This ensures that the average smartphone battery only offers the maximum capacity for a short time. Sometimes you see that the capacity decreases enormously after a year. OnePlus has equipped the 10T with the Battery Health Engine, which has two technologies on board. The Smart Battery Health Algorithm continuously monitors the charging process, providing extra safety and preventing the lithium cells from failing. Battery Healing Technology ensures that the electropods are repaired during the charging process. This also prevents damage to the anodes and cathodes. Furthermore, the battery has a VFC trickle charger, which ensures optimal charging. The battery still has 80 percent of its capacity even after 1600 charge cycles (which on average equals a lifespan of four years). A small detail: to optimally guarantee security, thirteen temperature sensors are built-in and the Supervooc charger has 128-bit encryption.

The OnePlus 10T has powerful battery technology.

5. Never miss a moment

The 10T has an extremely accurate Sony IMX766 50-megapixel sensor on board. This allows you to take accurate photos. Thanks to HDR 5.0 and TurboRAW, you can capture every detail optimally, whether it’s during the day or in the evening. The Nightscape mode lends you a hand when it is dark, because you can also capture everything beautifully under less perfect lighting conditions. The Image Clearity Engine (ICE) helps you take beautiful clear photos. Not unimportant: this happens very quickly. So you can also effortlessly capture unexpected actions of children, animals and during sports competitions.

Razor-sharp photos thanks to Sony’s IMX766 sensor.


The OnePlus 10T is now available for 699 euros (8GB/128GB). The variant with 16GB of RAM and 256GB of storage costs 100 euros more. You can win it if you answer these questions. You can participate until September 24, 2022 08:00 a.m.

Source: OnePlus

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