Preview | Roboquest | GameQuarter

Preview | Roboquest | GameQuarter
Preview | Roboquest | GameQuarter

Release date:

PC; August 20, 2022 (Early Access)


First person shooter





The problem with titles in Early Access is that as a gamer you are actually investing money in a project that the developers promise to finish, without giving any real guarantee. More than once, this has led to projects being abandoned if they didn’t bring in enough money.

RyseUp Studios may have been improving their game for over two years, but it is certainly not abandoned. This was evident from how enthusiastic the developer was at the gamescom booth when he talked about what they’ve put into the title, but also when you looked at how much polish the title already has.

But what is it?

Roboquest is an action-roguelike first-person shooter. In other words, an FPS that is different every time. You choose one of the four available robots, choose your loadout, which is offered partly randomized and ideally round up some friends. Then you enter an endless arena where the goal is not to win, but to stay alive as long as possible and set the highest possible score.

The setup is very arcade-y and it shows. Visually it is reminiscent of an old comic or cartoon, in which a blow like KAPOW! is displayed. This fits well with the enemies, which are all mechanical in nature, so no blood or corpses come into view. This also makes it suitable for younger players.

Not childish

However, I am not implying that Roboquest is childish. The mechanics and later the difficulty aren’t something I’d see a kid defy, but they’ll have a great time with a world that’s colorful and always changing. The more serious players, on the other hand, will be able to enjoy the wide range of weapons and how the fine play most of these. From a revolver or shotgun, to a grenade launcher or flamethrower. No shortage of choices.


My session with Roboquest was short, so I can’t say with full conviction that the game has a bright future. But what I’ve seen of it makes me hopeful. Guns are varied and shoot well, levels are pleasing to the eye and the style is spot-on.

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