IFA: Philips’ new soundbar setups and headphones from Jumbo-Visma

TP Vision, which markets Philips audio products under license, has released a new sound system, four sound bars and three headphones for different target groups. All products can be operated and set up via the Philips Sound app.

Flexible Philips Fidelio FS1

A loudspeaker has been added to the Fidelio system, introduced in January, which until now consisted of the FB1 soundbar and FW1 subwoofer. The FS1 contains a 1″ tweeter, 2.5″ driver angled upwards and a 3.5″ woofer with two passive radiators. Ambilight lighting is also built in. The FS1 can be used as left and right channel with a compatible TV as a center channel or as a stereo set Thanks to the DTS Play-Fi system, Fidelio can be expanded to a 7.2.4 channel configuration.

The choice is huge

Four new soundbars have been announced that range from 2.1 to 3.1.2 channels. There is support for Dolby Atmos and hdmi earc with 4K pass-through. All models have side-firing tweeters for the left and right channels, and the top three have a center channel. All versions come with an 8-inch wireless subwoofer and can be mounted on the wall.

The top model is the B8907 with a total power of no less than 720 watts in 3.1.2 channels. The B8507 is specifically intended for the The One television and has a power of 600W. The B7807 has a slightly higher power of 620 watts. Finally, there is the 2.1-channel B7207 of 520W.

A7607 for Jumbo-Visma athletes

The A7607 was developed in consultation with cyclists and skaters from Team Jumbo Visma. There is IP66 certification for dust and water resistance and the bone conduction technology keeps your ears open to pick up ambient noise. The microphone also makes noise from the vibrations of your skull to avoid picking up background noise.

The playback time is nine hours and in fifteen minutes you can charge enough for an hour. The magnetic charging port is also moisture resistant. The red LED strip in the neckband provides visibility in the dark.

K4607 provides bone conduction for children

DE K4607 uses bone conduction to protect children’s ears from high volumes. The open-ear concept also allows users to hear their surroundings. A microphone is also built in here. The neck strap is adjustable to allow for the optimal fit. The battery life is more than five hours and Bluetooth 5.2 provides the wireless connection.

H8507 for hybrid work

The H8507 is not only suitable for video conferencing, but should also satisfy gamers. There are 40mm drivers, noise canceling and a detachable microphone. The battery life is 55 hours and a red light can let colleagues or family know that you are on a call. A Bluetooth dongle is included and there’s support for multipoint connections, so you can seamlessly switch between your computer’s audio and phone calls.

Prices and availability

  • The FS1 will be available from November for €299.99.
  • The B8907 will be available from October for €599.99.
  • The B8507 will be available from October starting at €449.99.
  • The B7807 will be available from October for €399.99.
  • The B7207 will be available from September for €249.99.
  • The A7607 will be available from September for €199.99.
  • The K4607 will be available from October for €99.99.
  • The H8507 will be available from October for €199.99.

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