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4Gamers – REVIEW | Indie Flash
4Gamers – REVIEW | Indie Flash

Turn-based action RPGs continue to pop up here and there, just like Zoria: Age of Shattering from developer Tiny Trinket Games, which recently launched. Zoria’s world is in danger and you and some group members are called in to help.

You start by choosing a class and then you start the adventure. As you progress, you can add new people to your party, but you can also easily switch between different members. The game contains an outpost that serves as your personal base and here you can customize the party, but also send members on their own mission.

With the money you find you can upgrade things in the outpost, such as extra beds for more members or to be rested a little faster. Of course, you also have to complete many quests yourself. The main quests are the most important for the story, but occasionally you are also required to complete side quests to make progress in that area. This means you are somewhat obliged to also do side quests, which we find a somewhat strange choice.

Naturally, your members in the party earn experience points that you can spend to make them stronger. Depending on the class, certain skills offer more benefits than others, but fortunately it’s clear which ones to select. The battles are not always balanced, because sometimes we were given a group that we could not defeat in any way without luring them away one by one. The different attacks are fun and of course divided into offensive and defensive. With the skill tree you can unlock new attacks for your character.

The title still has some flaws that we would like to see resolved. You will come across some hidden walls in the world that prevent you from going any further, and this often occurs in the strangest places. A turn does not always end simultaneously and sometimes remains in a pause for a few seconds. Of course there are also some errors in the textures and other things. They are not game breaking, but we would like to see them resolved.

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