This AI radio station only plays fake songs

This AI radio station only plays fake songs
This AI radio station only plays fake songs

Dutch YouTuber Jeffrey Wirtz launches a radio station that plays music by non-existent artists. High Definition Fake Music (HDFM) is completely created by artificial intelligence.

Ever heard of the artists Backflip Boys, Gijsje Groen or Barend Dondersteen? Or Marina Braaf and Baylo Baby? Not? That’s not surprising at all, because all these musicians don’t exist at all. They were invented by AI. And yet you can listen to them on the recently launched radio station High Definition Fake Music (HDFM). The DJs who present the program are Renzo de Koning, Rosa Mol, Nathan Overbeet and Evert Kist. And you guessed it: they don’t exist either.

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Really fake

HDFM is the brainchild of YouTuber Jeffrey Wirtz, better known by his pseudonym Egbert. Together with two friends, he devised, set up and put the radio station online in three months. Everything is developed by AI, so nothing is real. HDFM has as its slogan Real Sound, Fake Music.

Wirtz came up with the idea of ​​HDFM when he heard that Sky Radio is one of the highest paid radio stations. And DJs don’t speak at all on that channel; the music is only interrupted for commercials, news, weather and traffic. Furthermore, a computer plays all the songs.

HDFM does employ a few DJs who all have their own tune, have a chat and then songs with funny lyrics (“I’m going to commit tax fraud, please don’t spread the word. I’m going to commit tax fraud, be careful, I’ll actually do it”) play. In addition, fake news is presented every half hour, followed by a commercial break. The commercials are also made with AI, but companies can buy airtime. AI can even help you come up with a radio spot for a specific company.

Finally, listeners can vote for their favorite HDFM track. Wirtz hopes that enough people will do that so that a top 50 with the best AI-made songs can be broadcast over the weekend.

HDFM is via Twitch to listen to.

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