We stop language degradation and fully embrace Dutch from now on – IT Pro – .Plans

We stop language degradation and fully embrace Dutch from now on – IT Pro – .Plans
We stop language degradation and fully embrace Dutch from now on – IT Pro – .Plans

A new spring, a new sound… It is not without reason that Herman Gorter wrote these words in Dutch. After all, Dutch is a beautiful language that we should cherish together. Because many English-speaking parties are active in the world of technology, we have started using more and more English terms. You have already addressed us about this several times on the forum. It’s so bad that editors often can’t think of the correct Dutch word and end up using the English version, even in face-to-face discussions! It’s time for action.

Why call everything smart when it can also be smart? Isn’t a router just a network traffic controller, a processor a processor, a computer a calculator and a laptop a laptop? And what about words like web browser, firmware or in-ear? That’s just web browser, hardware software and inner ear speaker. We should also not forget the components of this web site. What do people do in the so-called Pricewatch? That’s right, look at prices. So the Price Watch. We discuss in our discussion room Meeting of Tweakers, put on our nicest Tweakers gear in the morning and of course listen to our Audio broadcast every Thursday. We considered for a long time whether our name should be added, but no Dutch alternative proved to be sufficient. With pain in our red-white-blue hearts, we remain simply Tweakers.


We have carefully tested this list internally, but you may encounter an odd choice of words. In that case, you can leave a comment below this .plan and we will look into it. If you come across an untranslated word, we would like to hear it too. We will process this feedback from April 2.

As mentioned, the use of English words is deeply ingrained among Tweakers employees, so it will take some time before we complete this change. That’s why we will initially lean on automation. With each page view, a list of English words to avoid is accessed, after which these unwanted terms are replaced. This way we can make a big splash now, while our employees are being re-educated.

You are responsible for improving responses and forum posts, and other writings from the Tweakers community. We hope that everyone takes their responsibility to eliminate English terms, but if an evaluation proves that this has not been done adequately, we will be forced to include consequences for English language use in our House Rules. This evaluation will take place in forty-two days at just after half past two in the afternoon.

The improved, Dutch-language Tweakers frontpage

We will roll out this improvement in phases; Currently, only logged in users are presented with an automatically translated site. If you belong to the group that does not feel great love for our beautiful language and prefers English, which is truly unimaginable, then it is still possible for now to switch off this radical improvement. In your profile, under the beta functions heading, you will find a virtual switch that you can turn on, after which you will once again be presented with a hodgepodge of languages.

If you are not logged in, but would like to experience the greatly improved Tweakers, you can use the buttons below to switch the translations on and off. Logged in users use the first button to go to their profile settings where they can switch this feature on and off.

The article is in Dutch

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