“Vertonghen should not behave like that”

“Vertonghen should not behave like that”
“Vertonghen should not behave like that”

Jan Vertonghen made his debut in the Jupiler Pro League a few weeks ago at the age of 35. After a full professional career abroad, the defender surprisingly returned to Belgium at the end of August. He had ended up on the bench at Benfica and Anderlecht made use of that to lure him back to his own country.

That decision was certainly not an easy one for Vertonghen. A few days ago, he told Het Laatste Nieuws the story of how the transfer came about and the impact the departure from Portugal had on him and his family. After all, Vertonghen and his family were very happy in Lisbon and did not want to leave. “It was the most difficult decision I had to make as a footballer and as a person,” the Red Devil even said with tears in his eyes.

Vertonghen’s emotional confession sparks some discussion. Bee VI ASAP they are already in two minds. Host Matthijs Vegter believes that Vertonghen is adopting. “It’s not that bad, is it?” he wonders. “It’s not fun for him and his children, because they are having a good time in Lisbon. But that’s how it works in football, you know that. It’s not like he has to go to Romania, for example, and his children go to school there. should send.”

It is of course annoying for footballers that their whole family has to adapt to them every time, but on the other hand, there are usually also large financial compensations that ensure that they can also live in luxury. Although Vertonghen rejected that financial aspect. “At times like that it means nothing,” he was clear.

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