Tadej Pogacar whistles specialist Filippo Ganna back in the time trial and thus consolidates his pink jersey


Giro d’Italia

13:10 Foligno – 17:09 Perugia

  1. 18.6km – Santa Maria degli Angeli

    rank player team result


    Filippo Ganna INEOS Grenadiers



    Josef Cerny Soudal – Quick Step



    Daan Hoole Lidl – Trek


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  2. 34km – Ponte Valleceppi

    rank player team result


    Filippo Ganna INEOS Grenadiers



    Thymen Arensman INEOS Grenadiers



    Tadej Pogacar UAE Team Emirates


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  3. 40.59km – Perugia

    rank player team result


    Tadej Pogacar UAE Team Emirates



    Filippo Ganna INEOS Grenadiers



    Magnus Sheffield INEOS Grenadiers


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Tadej Pogacar (UAE) has won his second victory in this Tour of Italy in the time trial. It didn’t look like that for a long time, because Filippo Ganna was by far the best at all intermediate points. But on the final climb the pink jersey turned things upside down. Cian Uijtdebroeks was somewhat disappointing, he had to hand over his white youth jersey to Luke Plapp.

The 7th stage of the Giro in a nutshell:

  • Winner(s) of the day: Classification leader Tadej Pogacar once delivered a scorching blow. Not only does he win the time trial, but the Slovenian is also doing an excellent job in the rankings. First pursuer Geraint Thomas lost 2 minutes. Ben O’Connor and Luke Plapp will also look back on this time trial with satisfaction. They sneak into the top 5.
  • Losers of the day: Geraint Thomas only drops one spot in the rankings, but he mainly loses a lot of time compared to Pogacar. It was especially difficult for the Briton on the climb towards the finish. Other classification men such as Juan Pedro Lopez, Einer Rubio and Michael Storer lost no less than 4 minutes.
  • Tomorrow: During ride 8 it goes up and down constantly. It could be the perfect escape stage. The finish is on a difficult 1st category climb: the Prati di Tivo.

Stunning Ganna

A time trial of more than 40 kilometers was on the program on day 7 of the Giro.

The first 34 kilometers were billiard level. Pure speedsters like Daan Hoole, Lorenzo Milesi and Mikkel Bjerg.

They briefly occupied the first positions, but that was until it was cannonball Filippo Ganna’s turn.

At the two intermediate points, the Italian champion was already a lot faster than the competitors.

The last 7 kilometers were even higher, with even a kilometer and a half at more than 10%. That didn’t bother Filippo Ganna. He extended his lead and was 1 minute and 39 seconds faster than Bjerg at the finish.

Pogacar flies up

Then we had to wait for the men who were higher in the rankings, in other words the better climbers.

Riders like Magnus Sheffield, Thymen Arensman and Maximilian Schachmann were a lot better than Ganna in the last part, but they lost their teeth on the final time.

Ganna’s biggest competitor should have been Tadej Pogacar, but the Slovenian made a mediocre impression. After 19 kilometers he was 44 seconds slower than the Italian.

In his pink leader’s jersey, Pogacar did not let himself be deterred. He limited the damage towards the climb and uphill he turned out to be scorching.

Pogacar completed the last 7 kilometers no less than a minute faster than Ganna. The verdict at the line: 17 seconds in favor of the Slovenian.

Pogacar is also doing a great job in the rankings. First pursuer Geraint Thomas was 2 minutes slower today and even dropped one spot, in favor of Dani Martinez.

Cian Uijtdebroeks, 20th in the time trial, loses a few places in the rankings, but limits the damage. He has to hand over the white youth jersey to Luke Plapp.


Pogacar: “I knew climbing suited me better”

  • Tadej Pogacar: “I felt good. It was my first race on a time trial bike since the World Championships last year. A lot of preparation goes into this. My time trials have ups and downs, so I am very happy that it went so well. I rode a reasonable pace until the climb and then went all the way up. I knew the climb suited me better than ‘Pippo’ (Ganna), so I focused on myself.”
  • Geraint Thomas: ‘I tried to concentrate on myself, but I came up short. It’s just the way it is, just one of those days when it doesn’t work out.”
  • Cian Uijtdebroeks: “I was afraid of it. There was a very long flat section and in the past I normally lost quite a lot of time. I am satisfied that I was able to limit the damage. Now I am 7th, but around the top 5 are the differences are not that big. The fact that I lose white is not a problem. It is also only a small difference. It was actually a good day.


Phase by phase

Tadej Pogacar is also doing an excellent job in the rankings. He takes no less than 2 minutes on first pursuer Geraint Thomas.

Pogacar knocks Ganna!

With an impressive climb, Tadej Pogacar dives 17 seconds under Ganna’s time! The Slovenian makes up more than a minute on Ganna in the last 7 kilometers. At the finish he can even take the time to raise his fist in the air. What a victory!

Thomas slower than Martinez

Geraint Thomas has completed a slow climb. He loses 50 seconds to Martinez uphill and is only 9th for the time being.

Filippo Ganna blows, because he sees that Pogacar is on his way quickly. He still has almost 4 minutes to complete the last 2 kilometers to under Ganna’s time.

Martinez still to 7

Dani Martinez has ridden the fastest climb of anyone who has already finished. After a moderately flat section, he made up 33 seconds on Ganna in the final part. He will maintain his 3rd place in the rankings.

Uijtdebroeks currently 17th

Cian Uijtdebroeks loses his white youth jersey to Luke Plapp, but he should not be dissatisfied with place 17. He limits the damage in a discipline that does not suit him (yet).

Pogacar has found a rhythm uphill. Whether he wins or not, the Slovenian will do an excellent job in the rankings.

Pogacar from 10 to 3

Is it still possible for Tadej Pogacar? At the second intermediate point he is 3rd, 47 seconds behind Ganna. In part 2 he barely lost 3 seconds. He still has to make up a lot of time in the last 7 kilometers, although climbing is of course one of his qualities.

Ex-teammate Plapp joins Ganna on the hot seat

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