‘Club Brugge plunders the cash register for very expensive top scorer’

‘Club Brugge plunders the cash register for very expensive top scorer’
‘Club Brugge plunders the cash register for very expensive top scorer’

“Is Kévin Denkey the ideal replacement for Thiago, who will leave Club after this season?” asked Sporza wonders. “Cercle’s top scorer is already an interesting option for Club Brugge to replace the Brazilian.”

Although there are some doubts about his consistency, Denkey is considered one of the best strikers in the Jupiler Pro League. With an estimated value of at least 20 million euros, he has attracted the interest of several European clubs.

Denkey’s strength, speed and scoring ability make him a coveted asset. Despite Club Brugge’s interest, they appear to have to compete with big clubs such as Borussia Dortmund, Tottenham and Napoli for his signature. An impossible task for blue-black.

Sporza: “Denkey is an interesting option to replace Thiago”

Igor Thiago will leave for Brentford FC at the end of this season, leaving Club Brugge with the challenge of finding a new central striker. In the podcast 90 minutes Kévin Denkey was put forward as a possible option for Blauw-Zwart.

“I think you can put Denkey in such a football team. If you see his ball keys…,” said Charleroi midfielder Daan Heymans. Although analyst Filip Joos has some reservations about Denkey’s consistency, he is still considered one of the top five best strikers in the Jupiler Pro League.

The newspapaer and Sporza have also mentioned Denkey, the current top scorer in the Belgian league, at Club Brugge. “Is the top scorer the ideal replacement for Thiago, who will leave Club after this season?” asked Sporza wonders. “Cercle’s top scorer is already an interesting option for Club Brugge to replace the Brazilian.”

It is a fact that Club Brugge already showed interest in Denkey in 2021. “I spoke to the board via a video call, contracts were negotiated. But at the very end it didn’t happen,” Denkey said in October The newspapaer. “In retrospect, the move to Cercle was better. Here I was given the time to develop.”

Denkey will cost at least 20 million euros

If Club Brugge is specifically interested in signing Kévin Denkey, they should not wait too long to take action. Several foreign clubs have already shown interest in the strong striker.

The newspapaer has previously reported that Denkey will most likely make a major transfer next summer, and it remains only a guess as to which club he will leave for and for what amount.

“Denkey is worth his weight in gold,” Dirk Beheydt, former Cercle striker, said in the newspaper. Tuur Dierckx states that if Thiago is worth 37 million, Denkey is certainly worth around 30 million, at least on paper.

“In the end, I think Denkey will go for around 20 million. People will say that that is too little, but that is how the market works,” says Dierckx. Groen-Zwart signed Felipe Augusto, a left-footed attacker, in the winter and he is in principle seen as Denkey’s successor for the coming season.

“Denkey is the most complete striker in the Jupiler Pro League”

Kévin Denkey has proven to have a great scoring ability, as evidenced by his 26 goals, which makes him currently the top scorer in the Jupiler Pro League. René Vandereycken described him as a real top scorer who can score in all kinds of ways.

Denkey has the intensity, dueling power and speed to maneuver himself into a situation where he can score. In addition to his nose for goals, the 23-year-old is good in short space, mobile, agile and fast.

Denkey likes to make war and it is no coincidence that Michael Ngadeu (ex-AA Gent) and Toby Alderweireld (Antwerp FC) find him one of the most difficult attackers to play against in Belgium.

Moreover, he is increasingly becoming one of the leaders of the team. He is at his strongest with his back to the goal, and even in possession of the ball he cannot be put off the ball.

Denkey is the absolute key player in Cercle Brugge’s system, and Groen-Zwart’s game is also tailored to him. “He is the most complete striker in the Jupiler Pro League,” summarized Dirk Beheydt, former Cercle striker. The newspapaer.

Radzinski: “There is no team that wouldn’t want him”

In a conversation with HUMO Patrick Goots said that he thinks Kévin Denkey is the best striker in the Champions’ Play-offs and that the Togolese will take a step to a major competition this summer.

“Twenty-three goals in the competition, not even with the best team: then you stand out.” Arnar Vidarsson praises Denkey’s power, speed and scoring ability. “If I had a pocket full of money and could buy one player, it would be Denkey.”

Tomasz Radzinski calls him a pure finisher, but not a team player. “The only thing he is interested in is that goal on the other side. An assist? He doesn’t care, he goes for his own success. He will not make Cercle champions, but there is no team that wouldn’t want him.”

Cercle Brugge coach Miron Muslic does not mind that Denkey does not have much influence on the game of his team. His striker’s job is to score. “Kevin Denkey doesn’t have to sprint sixty meters to goal to score. He is always around sixteen and that is ‘where the magic happens for a number 9’.”

Denkey is no longer a match for Club Brugge

Kévin Denkey, one of the nominees for the Ebony Shoe, is high on the wish lists of clubs throughout Europe. Cercle Brugge technical director Rembert Vromant reveals that clubs in England, Germany and France have shown interest in the striker.

He is looking forward to transfer amounts paid for strikers in Belgium in recent years. “Paul Onuachu (18 million, ed.), Jonathan David (31 million, ed.),… We want to go in that direction. We hear who calls us for Denkey, with amounts that sound very nice. We can aim high.”

“If Thiago is worth 37 million euros, he is worth at least 50 million,” former player Jules Verriest even said to Newspaper of West Flanders.

However, Club Brugge seems to have little chance of his arrival, given the interest of several major European clubs such as Borussia Dortmund, Bayer Leverkusen, Napoli, Tottenham, Monaco, Lyon, Lille, Lens, Sevilla, Las Palmas, Real Betis and Rangers FC.

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