Will 37 million euros be enough? ‘Four (!) English top clubs give the signal and simultaneously take action for Antonio Nusa of Club Brugge’ – Football news


Club Brugge can prepare for a bidding war. Some English clubs have – coincidentally or not? – signaled to press the accelerator for Antonio Nusa. The blue and black treasurer is already rubbing his hands.

Club Brugge and Brentford FC already had an agreement on the transfer of Antonio Nusa last winter trade fair. The Bees had 37 million euros for the Norwegian winger, but knee problems threw a spanner in the works. Brentford then spent the same 37 million euros on Igor Thiago.

It is now clear that Nusa’s knee problems are a storm in a teacup. The 19-year-old Norwegian received confirmation from several doctors that there are no problems with his football career. In other words: the transfer is for this summer.

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Although it won’t be towards Brentford. Fichajes reports that the English top clubs have Nusa emphatically on their radar. Last week, Dévy Rigaux received emails from representatives of Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal FC, Manchester City and Arsenal FC.

The English top clubs see Nusa as an affordable opportunity with a lot of potential for the future. After all, the price tag is known: Club Brugge wants to see 37 million euros appear in the bank account in exchange for a yes.

How much will Club Brugge earn from Antonio Nusa?

Although there is a chance that the records will be broken. A bidding war between top English clubs could result in several millions being added. We repeat it again: the blue-black treasurer is having a heyday.

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