And yet the fear is very much there! ‘This is Club Brugge’s fear on the eve of the decisive weeks of the season – Football News


Since last Sunday, Club Brugge has been in pole position to win the Belgian national title. In addition, blue and black can secure a place in the final of the Conference League next Wednesday. And yet the economic boom is viewed with some caution.

We cannot ignore it: Club Brugge is the Belgian team of the moment. The West Flemish people have everything in their own hands to win the Belgian title and will compete for a place in the final of the Conference League next Wednesday.

And yet the latter also causes some tension in the blue-black ranks. And that was very noticeable last week in Florence during the press and partners dinner. Sporza know that Club Brugge is very afraid of being left empty-handed at the end of the day.

Club Brugge may be on an unlikely run in the Champions Play-Offs, but the blue and black boardroom also realizes that at the end of the day it will come down to a few points – and therefore details. With the follow-up of top matches – and the enormous number of matches that have already been completed by Club – in mind, the fears are well-founded.

To choose at this point is to lose. Club Brugge is going all out for the title and the associated millions from the Champions League. But it is the most logical thing in the world that a possible European prize will not be put aside for that title fight.

Which prize does Club Brugge most want to win?

Bart Verhaeghe continues to repeat that – even though the play-offs in 2024 were in his club’s favor – such a play-off is not a good idea. “The Belgian clubs have to give everything every week when the European competitions are also in the final phase.”

The fear is there… Although it can of course also be a double party at the end of the ride!

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