Man (62) kills woman (43) in Beerzel: perpetrator intercepted in the Netherlands (Putte)

Man (62) kills woman (43) in Beerzel: perpetrator intercepted in the Netherlands (Putte)
Man (62) kills woman (43) in Beerzel: perpetrator intercepted in the Netherlands (Putte)

A man killed his 43-year-old wife in an apartment building on the Aarschotbaan in Beerzel (Putte) on Sunday night. The 62-year-old perpetrator subsequently fled to the Netherlands and was intercepted there. The public prosecutor’s office has requested his extradition.

The victim’s body was found at night in her apartment in Beerzel. The laboratory of the Federal Judicial Police (FGP) and a medical examiner arrived on the scene. “The initial findings show that the woman was killed violently,” said public prosecutor Lieselotte Claessens. “An investigating judge has been requested for murder.”

The suspect is a 62-year-old man with Dutch nationality. He fled and was intercepted by car at the Ulvenhout exit, towards Breda. The man has been transferred to a Dutch prison. The public prosecutor’s office is requesting his extradition. No more information is currently known about a possible motive for the murder. According to the public prosecutor’s office, the facts did take place within a relational context.

Two children

The neighbors react very shocked. According to one of them, the family had been living there for more than a year, together with a teenager and a boy of primary school age. “The man was always friendly and spoke fluent Dutch. I never spoke to the woman. She may not have mastered the language.”

However, the neighbors also have some questions. “I think both the man and the woman were hardworking people, but sometimes you noticed that it was a family that was struggling with something,” said a neighbor. “There was also a social worker on the floor once. I think this is terrible for the children, who now have to continue without their parents.”

According to the neighbors, the family lived together with three cats and a bird. “They were picked up today by animal protection,” says a witness.

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