Avatar returns to theaters after thirteen years, but what do we know about the sequel? | Movies & Series

Avatar returns to theaters after thirteen years, but what do we know about the sequel? | Movies & Series
Avatar returns to theaters after thirteen years, but what do we know about the sequel? | Movies & Series

Director James Cameron has been working on the sequel to . for about five years now Avatar. To bridge the wait, the original film returns to theaters today after thirteen years. The makers have promised fans another four films. The second part is almost out now and we already know quite a bit about it.

By Esther Villerius

Making a 3D film requires time, money, special equipment and advanced technology. This was already apparent in the original Avatar, with which Cameron first brought a 3D production to a large audience in 2009. Its production lasted four years. But the second part Avatar: The Way of Water, should have been completed two years ago. In his own words, Cameron only had to “dot the i’s”.

Cameron is also the director of the second part, but now gets help. Cameron wrote the first film on his own, but a team has been appointed for the four sequels. Josh Friedman was the first to the rescue and is co-author of Avatar 2.

There are three more sequels to come. The shooting of the films got mixed up, which made the production of Avatar 2 delayed. The sequels can be watched separately. They follow each other every other year, until the release of (the presumably last part) Avatar 5 in 2028.

The titles of the other sequels are according to the BBC also known. It won’t be Avatar 3, 4 and 5, but Avatar: The Seed Bearer, Avatar: The Tulkun Rider and Avatar: The Quest for Eywa.

The teaser of Avatar: The Way of Water is out, but keeps the plot vague. There is virtually no dialogue. The video shows not so much what happens in the film, but more what it looks like. Like the underwater scenes, which Cameron actually shot underwater.

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Later, the storyline of Avatar 2 shared more extensively, but not much is clear yet. Jake Sully, the main character of part one, starts a family on the planet Pandora. When a “known threat” returns, Jake must team up with his partner Neytiri and the Na’vi army to protect their planet. Jake and Neytiri are forced to leave their home and discover parts of the planet that are under water during their flight.

The cast is known: many actors from the first part will return to the screen for the sequel. Zoe Saldaña reprises his role as the Na’vi princess Neytiri, and Sam Worthington returns as Jake Sully, the human who became Na’vi. Stephen Lang plays the dead Colonel Miles Quaritch and becomes the villain of the sequels.

Several well-known actors join the cast. Kate Winslet, who for Titanic already worked with James Cameron, plays in the Avatar sequel Ronal. This new character belongs to the Metkayina tribe, a group of Na’vi that live in the water. The chief of the tribe is Tonowari and is played by Cliff Curtis. Oona Chaplin, previously in Game of Thrones played, makes her appearance as Varang in this film. Her role is still unclear.

The release for Avatar: The Way of Water is scheduled for December 16. The film was often delayed, partly because of the extensive writing process and the making of the other sequels. But the many wanderings during production did not scare Cameron.

Against CNN he said, “There were seven years between The Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgment Day. In front of Avatar Is that going to be a 10-year gap,” Cameron admits. “But you’re going to Avatar 2 with the certainty that three more films will come after it. That’s a very different experience. That justifies a lot of the delay.”

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