Vanhaezebrouck lashes out at Martinez and bond with RSCA

Vanhaezebrouck lashes out at Martinez and bond with RSCA
Vanhaezebrouck lashes out at Martinez and bond with RSCA

Hein Vanhaezebrouck is a man with an opinion and this time he is also making himself heard. In the new entertaining podcast of AA Gent, ‘Stropcast’, he takes a particularly hard look at Roberto Martinez. He accuses the national coach of favoritism towards Anderlecht.

Vanhaezebrouck is of the opinion that the young talents of Anderlecht are called up far too quickly for the national team. He cites examples such as Yari Verschaeren and… Zeno Debast.

“Samoise is a player that few saw in it, also within the club. Dupré has kept him on board, which is a huge achievement. I saw in him a winger and he is doing great there. Foket is the same type, so who knows, he will one day become the Red Devil. That boys like Amuzu and Verschaeren were in the preselection and he wasn’t? That has to do with color (purple and white, ed.). If you call up Verschaeren three years ago at the moment that he’s just coming to see… That Debast is already being called up to the Red Devils, even though he hasn’t played a minute with the U21s, that is unimaginable.Debast is a good player and a talent, but after five matches he can “Anderlecht are among us, hey. If they were in the lead now, I would say: okay, wow. But now… But this is interesting for a club, hey. As a Red Devil, your value is multiplied by two or three I think it’s way too striking, people should think about that is not normal,” said the coach.

Vanhaezebrouck will not score points in Brussels with these daring statements.

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