Social residential area Vogelweelde 39% more energy efficient thanks to smart technology

Today, the social residential area Vogelweelde in Halle has been completed again after thorough renovation works. No fewer than 185 social homes have undergone an energy-friendly upgrade. Woonpunt Zennevallei (WPZ) worked together with Knauf Energy Solutions (KES) for this renovation project. KES used its IOT technology (internet of things) to extensively screen the homes both before and after the renovation, in order to demonstrate the energy savings.

“As a city council, we think it is important that our residents can live comfortably,” says Marijke Ceunen, alderman for sustainability, social economy and social housing policy of the city of Halle. “From conversations with Woonpunt Zennevallei about the priorities for the existing patrimony of social housing in Halle, the residential area Vogelweelde came to the fore. Many of these houses had not yet been renovated: no insulated walls/roofs, only glass in steel windows, outdated heating installations, boilers and radiators. The energy literally flew out.”

Collaboration pays off

Woonpunt Zennevallei was able to thoroughly evaluate its renovation project thanks to a collaboration with Knauf Energy Solutions. “Thanks to our innovative monitoring system, Woonpunt Zennevallei was able to validate the real energy savings,” says Jan Buyle, Commercial Director at Knauf Energy Solutions. “We also assisted WPZ in the optimization of the design, the follow-up of the works performed on site and the communication with the residents before and during the works. We can already look back with satisfaction on the intense collaboration with WPZ and the residents of the Vogelweelde residential area,” concludes Jan Buyle. (read more below photo)

Knauf Energy Solutions is not ready for its test piece. Recently, 166 social homes were completed in Aarschot (Gijmelbergwijk), which have been renovated in a much more energy-friendly way thanks to the IOT technology (internet of things) from KES. The technology works through smart sensors that are placed in the house before and after renovation. The energy efficiency is thus measured in the same way as the energy generation (NWh = KWh) and the energy savings can be calculated on a day-to-day basis to determine the quality of the renovation works.

“As a housing company, we face a major challenge to energetically renovate our building stock. This project is a perfect example of how we can efficiently improve energy performance. Thanks to the monitoring, we can conclude that we achieved an average improvement of 39% in Vogelweelde. We are convinced that these homes are ready for an energy-efficient and comfortable future,” explains Bart Vranken, director of WPZ.

The collaboration went smoothly not only for WPZ and KES, the residents of Vogelweelde were also not left out in the cold. The testimony of one of the residents proves that, in addition to the practical side, Knauf Energy Solutions also wants to make a difference on a human level.

“After the renovation, I received a significant refund from my energy supplier, because our energy consumption has fallen sharply,” says Morad Bouhlala, resident of Vogelweelde. “In addition, we are also significantly less bothered by noise from outside, it feels warmer in the house, and the house heats up faster. The sun blinds provide extra comfort in the summer. And the nuisance during the works was kept to a minimum. It only took a day to install the windows and doors, and the renovation of the attic took about two days. In general, we are very pleased with the collaboration and the result.”

(Photos: Jan Demol)

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