Dutch pedophile lures Belgian fifty-year-old into a trap in forest and throws video of meeting on social media, police and public prosecutor open investigation | Ypres

Dutch pedophile lures Belgian fifty-year-old into a trap in forest and throws video of meeting on social media, police and public prosecutor open investigation | Ypres
Dutch pedophile lures Belgian fifty-year-old into a trap in forest and throws video of meeting on social media, police and public prosecutor open investigation | Ypres

Ypres/Langemark-PoelkapelleA middle-aged man from Langemark-Poelkapelle has been ambushed by a Dutch pedo hunter in a forest in the Netherlands. The man had expected to meet a 13-year-old girl after a 3-hour drive from the Westhoek, but now sees himself publicly pilloried. After all, the Dutchman filmed their meeting and threw that video on social media. You can see how the West Fleming says after a physical punishment of ten push-ups: “I have learned my lesson. I’m getting off Facebook.” The police of the Arro Ypres zone and the public prosecutor’s office are aware and have opened an investigation.

Lieven Samyn, Christophe Maertens

06-09-22, 09:23

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The meeting in the forest in the Netherlands apparently preceded chat conversations via Facebook. But contrary to what the man from Langemark-Poelkapelle thought, he had not chatted with a 13-year-old girl, but with a pedo hunter. He casually waited for him at the meeting point in the woods in the Netherlands and asked him about the ‘Slagroom Vaselinelaan’. A reference to the agreement that the man and ‘the girl’ had apparently made to have Vaseline and whipped cream with them. “No, I am not familiar with it here”, the man from the Westhoek initially seems unaware of any harm. “What are you doing here?” asks the pedo hunter. “Walking”, is the answer.


The man from Langemark-Poelkapelle still feels wet. “It’s a misunderstanding,” he stammers. “What’s all this here? Yes, sorry, this was not the intention.” “What’s the point?” the pedo fighter continues. “Just, purely friendly…”, is the response. At the request of the pedo hunter, he anxiously digs up the Vaseline, the whipped cream, a blanket and wipes from a Lidl bag.

“Is it your dream to deflower a 13-year-old?”, the pedo hunter continues with his fire of questions. “Maybe so,” he sounds hesitant. “I’m lonely, don’t have many friends. I thought it was a nice conversation. Contact with women my own age is no longer possible, so I look for younger girls. Maybe I shouldn’t have gone so young… I don’t get any attention from anyone else. No one responds to my profile on dating sites. But I’ve never done anything like this before. I have no ill intentions, I am not a pervert.” “If it’s by mutual consent…”, he tries to justify his actions.


“What were you going to do with that whipped cream?”, the pedo hunter continues his barrage. “I nothing, but ‘she’ wanted to do something with it. But yes, apparently there is no ‘she’ and I was entrapped”, replies the man from Langemark-Poelkapelle hesitantly.

The nearly 6-minute video ends with a physical punishment: 10 push-ups. “I learned my lesson and now I have received my punishment. I’m really sorry,” said the Belgian, who says he comes from Ypres. “Your face will be seen everywhere in Belgium”, warns the pedo hunter. “You will delete everything on Facebook and I never want to see you here again.” ‘Another pervert less, again 1 victim less’, the pedo hunter gives as a message, visibly satisfied. The video has now been shared hundreds of times on social media, including in Belgium and the Ypres region. The police of the Arro Ypres zone and the mayor of Langemark-Poelkapelle are also tagged and asked to do something against the man. “The public prosecutor’s office is aware of the video and is further investigating the case,” said the public prosecutor of West Flanders. “In the interest of the investigation, there will be no further communication about this for the time being.”

‘You see from Iper oa you’

The video has been shared twice on the Facebook group ‘Je see van Iper oa je’, but removed just as often. “At the request of the police and because our Facebook group is not for that purpose,” said one of the administrators Diederik Vandenbilcke. “Privacy rules have not been followed either.”

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