These are the first Flemish Brabant starters of May

These are the first Flemish Brabant starters of May
These are the first Flemish Brabant starters of May

Made in Flemish Brabant lists the starters for you. For this list, which we publish online twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays, we base ourselves on the publication of the start-up company in the Belgian Official Gazette. In the list we mention the name of the company, the legal form, the address of the registered office and the sector (as we name it in news articles).

Thursday May 2

  • Baracu, BV, Felix wouterserf in Lembeek (Halle). Sector: leisure.
  • Nuba, BV, Bergensesteenweg in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw. Sector: catering.
  • Thin ice inc. , BV, Houtemstraat in Tienen. Sector: construction & real estate.
  • Gav company, BV, Leuvensestraat in Vilvoorde. Sector: construction & real estate.
  • System luxe, BV, Waterloosesteenweg in Sint-Genesius-Rode. Sector: construction & real estate.
  • Dkc group, BV, Waterloosesteenweg in Sint-Genesius-Rode. Sector: other.
  • Tamo eng & consulting, BV, Kesterbeeklaan in Lot (Beersel). Sector: consultancy.
  • Hamza mf, BV, Nieuwstraat in Asse. Sector: other.
  • Emmanuel jennes, BV, Park tremeland in Tremelo. Sector: finance.
  • Bty-consultings, BV, Stationsstraat in Gooik. Sector: consultancy, technology.
  • Gentle care, BV, Kleemputtenstraat in Liedekerke. Sector: services.
  • Sourou transport et consulting, BV, Ninoofsesteenweg in Halle. Sector: services.
  • Roget concept, BV, Meiveld in Relegem (Asse). Sector: technology.
  • Lieve poellaer, BV, Kleine Bergstraat in Wezembeek. Sector: services.
  • Xl-consultancy, BV, Eeksken in Opwijk. Sector: consultancy.
  • Rim grup company, BV, Leuvensestraat in Vilvoorde. Sector: construction & real estate.
  • Umor, BV, Hasseltsebaan in Deurne. Sector: retail.
  • Aska.renov, BV, Lange eikstraat in Wezembeek. Sector: construction & real estate.
  • Life services belgium, BV, Romesteenweg in Strombeek. Sector: consultancy.

Friday May 3

  • Space perfection, BV, Mechelsesteenweg in Sterrebeek (Zaventem). Sector: construction & real estate.
  • T Schunke, BV, Sleewagen in Asse. Sector: catering.
  • Accelerationexus, BV, Hollestraat in Meise. Sector: consultancy.
  • Fidualex management, BV, Treft in Strombeek. Sector: services.
  • Deep fryer snack bouli, BV, Vandenpeereboomstraat in Halle. Sector: catering.
  • Hamurlabs, BV, Kapeldreef in Heverlee (Leuven). Sector: technology, services.
  • Niagara construction, BV, Alfred algoetstraat in Lennik. Sector: construction & real estate.
  • Cycling feyaerts, BV, Duisburgsesteenweg in Overijse. Sector: retail, services.
  • Future energy, BV, Kiekenbosstraat in Tielt. Sector: construction & real estate.
  • Roelandt sarah, BV, E. belsacklaan in Huizingen (Beersel). Sector: services.
  • Xn construct, BV, Temselaan in Strombeek. Sector: construction & real estate.

More information can be found on our overview page.

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