The story of the fight in Nieuwstraat

The story of the fight in Nieuwstraat
The story of the fight in Nieuwstraat

Zottegem has become national news, see Het Laatste Nieuws, VRT and Het Nieuwsblad, but what was actually the reason for the fight in the center of Zottegem last week? According to the city of Zottegem, see link, it was a fight between students and no bystanders were involved, but according to what we heard with NUUS through our readers, adults were indeed involved.

Please be sure to read more about this case via this link, because things are apparently getting out of hand in Geraardsbergen as well. From what NUUS has understood through our readers, the fight in Nieuwstraat arose after a student of the Onze-Lieve-Vrouwcollege campus Centrum felt like a victim of bullying and informed her parents about this. After previous ‘skirmishes’ in the station area/centre of Zottegem, the girl’s Congolese father reportedly went to the school area with some of the girl’s uncles to reprimand ‘the bullies’, after which the situation completely got out of hand. have walked. Read more about that via this link and this link.

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