Groen puts forward 3 candidates from Asse in the elections of June 9

Groen puts forward 3 candidates from Asse in the elections of June 9
Groen puts forward 3 candidates from Asse in the elections of June 9

Groen puts 3 Assen residents on the election list in Flemish Brabant for the June 9 elections. Finke Jacobs as 2the successor on the list for the Federal Parliament, Wendy Nicol as 2e successor on the list for the Flemish Parliament and Edward Van Keer as 7e successor to the Flemish Parliament. It was previously announced that Dieter Van Besien from Haacht and Aimen Horch from Vilvoorde will draw the federal and Flemish lists.

‘Fair climate policy, good affordable care for everyone and fair opportunities: as far as we are concerned, that will be the focus of the upcoming elections. We’re excited about that Finke, Wendy and Edward complete our team. They bring tons of experience and enthusiasm,” say the party leaders.

Climate policy that everyone takes into account

Finke Jacobs, 30 years, works as a transformation manager and is municipal councilor in Asse and provincial councilor in Flemish Brabant.

“I want to work on a climate policy that includes everyone,” he says Finke. ‘As a young person, I want to tackle the challenges that come our way. Climate change will not go away tomorrow. Ensuring that everyone can participate while paying attention to the most vulnerable is crucial. In addition, the digital divide remains a harsh reality for many, and I also want to address this.’

Wendy Nicol, 37 years old, works as a manager for the Inclusion of Discriminated Job Seekers department at Actiris and is a board member of the Women’s Council.

I am determined to contribute to a sustainable future in which everyone has equal opportunities. This means that everyone has access to quality education and subsequently to a quality job. Together we can strive for a labor market and education system in which everyone’s potential is utilized and where no one is left out. Let’s work together for a better future for people and planet, where social justice goes hand in hand with sustainability. We only work on this with Groen.

Edward Van Keer 44 years old, works as a policy officer in integrated water policy and is a municipal councilor in Asse. He is the founder of Transitie Asse and Cyclists’ Union Asse.

‘I want to ensure that healthy plant-based eating becomes the new norm in Flanders,’ says Edward Van Keer. ‘Since I had a kidney crisis in 2015, I started eating a completely plant-based diet. By eating plant-based, I am now much fitter and healthier than before. We only work on this with Groen.’

“A good life in Asse is only possible with a government that chooses your health. For your future and that of coming generations,” Finke, Wendy and Edward conclude.

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