La Torre brings Tuscan cuisine to Lier: “Everything revolves around the pure flavors of Italy” (Lier)

La Torre brings Tuscan cuisine to Lier: “Everything revolves around the pure flavors of Italy” (Lier)
La Torre brings Tuscan cuisine to Lier: “Everything revolves around the pure flavors of Italy” (Lier)

The story behind La Torre starts with the passionate owners Ramona Danaila (37) and Razvan Moroscanij (35), whose lives have been devoted to the catering industry for a long time. “We have been working in the catering industry all our lives. We ended up in Lier three years ago,” they say.

Cocktails and Italian cuisine

Here they opened a vibrant cocktail bar ‘Lod’, which quickly became known for its unique concept and excellent drinks. “The concept is good and everything is going well, but we felt it was time for something new,” says Razvan. “Me and Ramona have made many trips to Italy and that is where we got a lot of our inspiration.”

With a deep love for Italy and Ramona’s Italian roots starting to itch, they felt it was time for a new challenge: an Italian restaurant that brings the authentic flavors of the country to Belgium. “You always come back to what you really love and for me that is a passion for catering and Italy,” says Ramona. And so La Torre was born, in the heart of Lier.

The pizza is made in a traditional way. — © Joren De Weerdt

Pure flavors

“The concept of La Torre is simple but effective: everything revolves around the pure flavors of Italy. From the ingredients to the chef himself, everything breathes Italian passion and tradition,” Razvan explains. The restaurant is open daily except Tuesdays and offers an extensive menu of classic dishes from Tuscany and beyond.

One of the highlights of La Torre is the authentic Neapolitan pizza, prepared according to traditional methods. “Here there is no compromise when it comes to taste and quality – everything is done the Italian way, with love and dedication.”

“We have already made some adjustments for our Belgian customers,” says Razvan. “We stick to the traditional preparation method, but we noticed that customers were used to it slightly differently. “We now add a little more sauce for certain dishes, everything to keep the customers satisfied,” laughs Razvan.


One of the most memorable memories for the owners of La Torre was purchasing the oven. Imported from Italy, the oven finally ended up safely in the kitchen of La Torre after an adventurous journey – albeit not without some comical moments along the way.

La Torre's oven also comes from Italy.

La Torre’s oven also comes from Italy. — © Joren De Weerdt

“We bought the oven in Italy,” Ramona laughs as she thinks back on the adventure. “We had asked the dimensions of the oven, but when we went to pick it up, it turned out that it would not fit in the van due to the protection around the oven. And you notice that when you have just completed a twelve-hour drive,” she says. “I think it was only 5 cm. In the end they sent the oven to us. It was a crazy experience, but it’s all part of the adventure of opening a new restaurant.”

Although only recently opened, La Torre has already attracted a loyal following who enjoy the restaurant’s delicious dishes and warm, inviting atmosphere. With plans for a covered terrace in winter, La Torre promises to become an enduring favorite in the Lierse culinary scene.

The pizza is made entirely in the Italian way.

The pizza is made entirely in the Italian way. — © Joren De Weerdt

“Our pizza is a real winner,” says Razvan.

“Our pizza is a real winner,” says Razvan. — © Joren De Weerdt

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