Zac Efron finally explains why his face looked so strange a while ago | showbiz

Zac Efron finally explains why his face looked so strange a while ago | showbiz
Zac Efron finally explains why his face looked so strange a while ago | showbiz

CelebritiesLast year there was a lot of fuss about the ‘new look’ of ‘High School Musical’ star Zac Efron (34). “Did he have any plastic surgery?” people wondered on social media. The rumor mill was running at full speed, but in an interview with ‘Men’s Health’ the actor finally gives more clarity. “I had an accident at home, which resulted in a shattered jaw,” it sounds.

Finally, the fans of actor Zac Efron are getting to know what happened to his face last year. In a clip promoting an Earth Day special, he appeared almost unrecognizable. His cheeks seemed bloated, his lips fuller and what was wrong with his jawline? A lot of rumors quickly circulated on social media about a possible operation. In a recent interview with Men’s Health Magazine, Efron thought it was time to explain himself. He is said to have had a bad accident at his home, one that caused him to slip and hit his chin with a granite fountain.

Dramatic Consequences

The consequences were not minor. Zac lost consciousness and as soon as he awoke his chinbone was hanging off his face. His jaw was also shattered. The actor explained to ‘Mens’s Health’ that the masseter muscles work closely with all the other muscles of the face “like a symphony”. But due to the injury, these swelled and became very large, quickly changing his face drastically.

At first he wasn’t aware of the commotion about his new look, until his own mother called him to find out if he had had surgery. He realizes that those channels can be useful for promoting new projects and movies, but he generally avoids social media, as a kind of “survival tactic.” “If I care so much about what other people think of me, I absolutely couldn’t do this job.”

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