6 x a diet with which you can lose 10 kilos


April 2, 2024

If you want to lose 10 kilos, what should you do? From bulletproof to paleo and vegan: one food hype is not over yet and the next one appears. And these are invariably accompanied by jubilant stories from super-slim celebrities on the one hand and criticisms from nutrition experts on the other. Do you also want to lose a few kilos, but can’t see the forest for the trees? Santé guides you through the diet jungle. With one of these diets you can lose ten kilos with ease.

To fall off is not always easy. But you might be able to do it with one of these six diets. They also work well if you want to lose less weight, of course.

1. Keto diet

It ketogenic diet is far from new, but it still works if you’re looking for a diet or plan to lose 20 pounds. It was invented as early as 1920 to prevent epileptic seizures. Then we got the Atkins hype in the seventies and now the keto books are hard to find. After all, it is one of the few diets where you can continue to eat well.

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How does it work? Your diet only consists of 20% carbohydrates and protein and 80% fat. This means that you can basically go crazy on steak and eggs with bacon, but the trick is to choose healthy (unsaturated) fats, such as avocado, olive oil, nuts and oily fish. Since your body can no longer get its energy from carbohydrates, you automatically start burning fat. You are then ‘in ketosis’.

Advantages? You hardly consume any sugars with this diet plan, which is definitely a fast weight loss method. Keto people also often have little trouble with it feeling of hunger. It is also said to be a beneficial diet for cancer patients, although this has not (yet) been scientifically proven.

Cons? Especially in the beginning, you may get tired of this diet, get a headache and start to smell from your mouth. Furthermore, questions are raised about the health risks. And it’s not about the amount of fat, but more about the lack of fiber, vitamins and minerals. Another minus: this meat-rich diet is not necessarily the most environmentally friendly waste method…
Recommended? Yes, if you want to lose weight without salads and flaxseed crackers, not if you are looking for a weight loss diet that is easy to maintain in the long term.

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2. Intermittent fasting

What is it? Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez swear by it and the hype has also started in the Netherlands: intermittent fasting (IF), or ‘periodic’ or ‘interrupted’ fasting. It differs from other diet hypes in that it does not prescribe what you eat, only when (not). A diet for which you set your own schedule for when you eat or not.

How does the diet schedule work? The principle behind IF is that fasting slows down your metabolism, causing you to burn fat. Of course you also get less calories inside. It can be done in different ways. For example, you can eat normally for five days and then eat very little for two days, or fast every other day. With the classic method, you pack all your meals into 8 hours and drink only water for the remaining 16 hours.

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Advantages? Not only is it proven effective waste methodIF is also said to lower blood pressure and cholesterol and could prevent type 2 diabetes.
Cons: Some people experience binge eating due to fasting, which ultimately causes them to eat more instead of less. Furthermore, it can be unhealthy (and even dangerous!) if your resistance is too low, if you are chronically ill or pregnant.
Recommended? Fasting is an age-old way to lose weight, which in principle is not harmful. But… make sure you keep your wits about you. Make sure you get enough nutrients and that you don’t starve yourself to the point that you literally drop out.

3. Pioppi diet

What is it?
In the idyllic southern Italian village Pioppi is not a supermarket. However, a striking number of people are getting very old. This inspired a British cardiologist to write the now extremely popular Pioppi Diet Book, which promises to improve your health in three weeks.

How does it work? You eat like the residents of Pioppi: as much vegetables as possible (preferably from your own vegetable garden), fresh fish, fruit, nuts and full-fat dairy products. And all that with a generous dash olive oil and a glass of red wine. You should avoid sugars and carbohydrates and fast one day a week: Pioppi is a poor village, where there is not always enough food. In addition, this diet method is also a way of lifein which you limit stress and get enough exercise and sleep.

Advantages? The Mediterranean lifestyle has been scientifically proven to be beneficial for health and cardiovascular health vascular diseases can occur. And by limiting carbohydrates you lose weight, without sacrificing tasty food. After all, who cares? not of Italian cuisine?
Cons? As with all other low-carb diets, nutrition experts warn about a shortage of healthy dietary fiber. The residents of Pioppi do eat pasta, albeit only homemade and in moderation.
Recommended? Pioppi can be a great inspiration for a healthy lifestyle, but don’t expect a revolutionary miracle diet in which you lose a lot of kilos in a short time.

4. Super carb diet

What is it? Fanatical dieters are the first to eliminate carbohydrates from their menu, as they are seen as the devil among fatteners. TV-nutrition coach Bob Harper goes against that with his super carb diet. A feast for bread and pasta lovers!

eating pasta losing weight tips eating happiness week of eating happiness carola van bemmelen

How does it work? Don’t cheer too early, because there are rules. According to Bob, 40% of your meals should consist of proteins, 30% of (healthy) fats and 30% of carbohydrates. And no white pasta and croissants, but complex carbohydrates with a lot fibres, such as whole wheat bread, oatmeal, brown rice and sweet potato. Pasta is allowed, but only if it is made from quinoa or lentils. Furthermore, you still have to count calories and you don’t have snacks in between.

Advantages? It is a diet that allows you to put meals on the table that can feed the whole family and the chance of feeling hungry is small. This makes it easy to maintain. In addition, you get all the necessary nutrients.
Cons? Because you still have quite a bit calories intake, it is not a diet for people who want to lose a lot of kilos quickly. According to experts, it is more suitable to maintain your weight in a healthy way.
Recommended? Ideal for people who cannot live without bread and pasta and still want to watch their diet, but perhaps not the fastest way to lose weight.

5. Sirtfood

What is it? Singer Adèle lost kilos with it: the Sirtfood book did not need more advertising to become a hype. Especially because it is a diet for… bon vivantsAfter all, wine and chocolate are allowed. The book promises a boost for your immune system and a guaranteed 3 kilo weight loss per week.

How does it work? Everything revolves around sirtuins: these are proteins that make muscles stronger, stimulate fat burning and combat inflammation. They also become ‘the skinny genes’ named. According to the book, by eating foods that activate these sirtuins you would achieve the same effect as eating nothing at all or exercising very enthusiastically. Examples of sirtfoods include kale, soy, red onion, turmeric, strawberries and green tea, but also dark chocolate and red wine. However, it is stricter than it sounds: you are allowed very few calories (1000 per day in the first week) and drink a lot of vegetable juices.

Advantages? After the first strict vegetable juice week, it is a relatively healthy and varied diet, in which all food groups are covered.
Cons? Preparation of the juices and dishes can be quite time-consuming, especially because some of the ingredients cannot be found in the supermarket.
Recommended? You have to be a bit of a go-getter, but then it is a great diet. Although there is currently no scientific evidence for the authors’ claims. So whether it really is the skinny genes or just the low calorie intake… as long as you can have chocolate, right?

6. Scandi sense

What is it? ‘It easiest diet ever‘, according to the creator: a Danish working mother of five, who says she lost 38 kilos by using her hands as a gauge for the size of her meals. According to her, the length of your palm is exactly in line with your body shape. All in all, you would lose about three kilos per month with this method.

Diet tips lose weight diet plan lose 10 kilos

How does it work? You eat three meals per day, which all consist of three or four handfuls of food: one or two handfuls of vegetables, one handful of carbohydrates and one handful of proteins. Nothing is forbidden, although the writer does give advice to limit the amount of fat, sweets and alcohol. And, although it is of course a no-brainer: only eat when you are hungry. Scandi sense, or: Scandinavian common sense.

Advantages? No counting calories, no weighing ingredients, no complicated recipes and no forbidden foods: it is indeed anything but a diet that is difficult to maintain.
Cons? If there are few rules, there is also more room for smuggling. Some dieters may prefer to have guidelines to keep themselves in check.
Recommended? The Danish company has responded well to this hype and is now also developing Scandi sense meal boxes. But apart from good marketing, Scandinavian common sense is not very different from Dutch…

In the category ‘don’t try this at home’
Snake diet:
According to the self-proclaimed Canadian nutrition guru Cole Robinson, we should take an example from the slender snake. They eat one large meal and then take days to digest it. With this diet you always fast for 72 hours or longer and only drink ‘snake juice’ in between: a drink consisting of water, potassium, magnesium, Himalayan salt and baking powder. Nutritionists strongly advise against this method. Why? Well, people are not snakes…
Lectin poor:
After lactose and gluten, it is now lectin that is being banned. At least, if it is up to the American cardiologist Steven Grundy, author of the popular book The Plant Paradox. The vegetable protein lectin, which is found in legumes, nuts, soy, vegetables and grains, is said to be highly toxic and should therefore be avoided. An additional advantage is that you lose weight: singer Kelly Clarkson lost 17 kilos with it. However, scientists dismiss the fear of lectins as scaremongering. It is indeed better not to eat raw beans (but you probably didn’t already), other than that there is little danger in plant-based food.
Carnivore Diet: It goes against the vegan trend: a diet in which you only eat animal products: kilos of meat, boxes full of eggs and a little bit of dairy. Creator Shawn Baker (Neanderthal type) now has a large fan base who claim to have lost countless kilos, but experts make mincemeat of this diet. Not only do you miss out on much-needed nutrients by avoiding vegetables and fiber, but it could also be downright dangerous for blood pressure and could even cause colon cancer.

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