Linda de Mol back on television after a break: is her agenda full yet? | Media

Linda de Mol back on television after a break: is her agenda full yet? | Media
Linda de Mol back on television after a break: is her agenda full yet? | Media

After a media silence, Linda de Mol will return to television after almost three quarters of a year with a new series of Million dollar hunt. Does this mean that the presenter will fully pick up her work again and that she cannot be kept away from TV?

By Danja Koeleman

In January, De Mol announced that it would be taking a media break for an indefinite period of time. Her boyfriend Jeroen Rietbergen is accused of sexual misconduct during the recording of The voice of Holland. The media attention for Rietbergen, but also for the presenter is enormous. That is why she decides to keep a media silence and to draw a line through her work for the time being. “Hopefully to be able to give this a place. I ask everyone to leave my family alone.”

The new series of Million dollar hunt will be postponed and the shooting of I love Holland lie still. But other activities are also temporarily suspended. For example, the presenter cannot be seen on the cover of her magazine for a long time LINDA. and its preface is cancelled. She also thanks for other interviews or media appearances.

In June it will be announced that De Mol will return to television. On Sunday 4 September she can be seen again with the previously postponed season of Million dollar hunt.

Linda de Mol in the Miljoenenjacht studio.

But another Linda classic, I love Hollandhas to do without the presenter (for now). The presentation of the quiz will be taken over by Snollebollekes singer Rob Kemps next season. It is not known whether he will also be presenting future seasons. The 36-year-old singer and presenter speaks of “replacing Messi”. “I therefore think it is a huge honor that Linda entrusts it to me and I am really looking forward to it.”

De Mol will also return in September on and in her magazine LINDA. She is featured on the cover of the October issue, which hits stores September 21. She also writes the foreword. In the future, the magazine maker will be seen less often on the cover of the magazine. That was before it The Voicescandal already the plan, but according to editor-in-chief Karin Swerink “events have accelerated this process”.

Next Million dollar hunt there will soon be a program on SBS in which De Mol can be seen. Over the past few months she has been busy shooting Five Live, a new comedy series that takes place behind the scenes of the Dutch television world. De Mol plays a presenter who, together with her ex-husband (Waldemar Torenstra), is the face of the daily talk show. Five Live. In front of the camera, they seem to have a harmonious relationship. But once they’re done shooting, there’s not much left. Five Live can be seen from the beginning of October.

De Mol is looking forward to making television again. “Great to be in front of the camera again,” she says in the promo video that SBS made for the new television season.

The presenter will stay away from interviews and other media appearances for a while. About the future of other programs, such as This Quiz is For You and Dating Quiz, according to Talpa, nothing is known yet. Linda has indicated for the time being only a new series of Million dollar hunt want to present and in addition she is currently working on Five Live. If this changes, we’ll let you know.”

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