The best cheese in Spain comes from the Canary Island of Lanzarote

The best cheese in Spain comes from the Canary Island of Lanzarote
The best cheese in Spain comes from the Canary Island of Lanzarote

In the world of Spanish cheese, there is one unique product that stands out for its excellent taste and strong focus on sustainability. Don Nicolás is a long-maturing cow cheese produced at the Finca de Uga on the Canary Island of Lanzarote. This artisanal masterpiece was recently crowned Spain’s best cheese for 2024, a recognition that is the result of years of dedication to quality and environmentally friendly production.

Last week the final of the 14th edition took place of the ‘GourmetQuesos’ championship, where the best cheese in Spain was chosen. To choose the best cheese, the specialists had to work hard, because no fewer than 880 creations were presented that were assessed by 60 judges based on category, smell, taste, rind, aftertaste, color and texture. And the winner became the ‘Don Nicolás’ cheese.

What ‘Don Nicolás’ and the Finca de Uga what makes it so unique is their strong commitment to sustainability and respect for the ecosystem. They strive to minimize environmental impact and maximize animal welfare. More than 1,000 local animal species live in harmony on the farm, where they can roam and graze freely in a relaxing and natural environment. Even music is played to improve the atmosphere. It is truly a special place where care for nature and animals is central.

The cows that provide the milk for ‘Don Nicolás’ are local breeds that live in these idyllic conditions. The cheese itself is a traditional product, made according to traditional methods that have been used for generations. The milk is carefully processed into a cheese with an unparalleled taste and texture.

What further distinguishes ‘Don Nicolás’ is the lengthy maturation period of 18 to 24 months. During this period, the cheeses are cared for by hand and matured on wooden planks, developing their unique flavor profile and complexity. This ripening period is an essential part of the artisanal process and contributes to the exceptional quality of the cheese.

Although ‘Don Nicolás’ is an award-winning cheese, it remains a product produced using traditional methods and with respect for tradition and the environment. These values ​​are reflected in the price and sales strategy of the cheese.

The makers of ‘Don Nicolás’ see the cheese not only as a culinary product, but also as an ambassador for sustainability and respect for the environment. By selling and promoting the cheese, attention is paid to these values ​​and consumers are made aware of the importance of environmentally friendly production.

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