Alarm system in your home? Then ask your insurer for a discount | MyGuide

Alarm system in your home? Then ask your insurer for a discount | MyGuide
Alarm system in your home? Then ask your insurer for a discount | MyGuide

IndependentFew people know it, but installing an alarm system not only increases your safety. You also get a discount on your fire insurance. explains what’s going on for both owners and tenants.

Before you can take out fire insurance with an insurance company, it always first creates a detailed profile of your risk. When determining the premium, not only the value of your (rental) home and your contents play a role. Where exactly the property is located and whether or not it is secured also matters. If you have an alarm system, you normally pay less for the ‘theft’ guarantee. Logical, because by securing your home you significantly reduce the risk of burglary and theft.

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What if you install an alarm without the insurer asking?

If you install an alarm system before you change insurer, you must definitely state this clearly in your new quote request. Normally you will receive a discount on your insurance premium. How high this is depends from insurer to insurer.

Important: if you receive this discount, you must of course always switch on your alarm when you leave your house or apartment. Even if you drive to the bakery, for example. If your alarm was not activated, your insurer may have difficulty reimbursing the damage.

When will your insurer not intervene in the event of theft? These two conditions are crucial.

What if your insurer requires an alarm system?

Some providers require potential customers to install an alarm system before signing the insurance contract. As a customer you have no choice but to fulfill that obligation.

Your insurer may ask you to do this if, for example, you live in a municipality that has very high crime rates. Or if you are in your home ‘insufficiently often’, because you spend a few months of the year in your second home. If you stick to your guns and do not install an alarm, you may be able to count on a premium increase.

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And what if you rent?

Then go for a wireless alarm system. You don’t even have to ask the owner’s permission for this, because there is no need to drill into the walls to install cables. You can also easily move a wireless system to a new home if you want to move sooner or later. At the same time, you can easily expand it with new parts. Ideal if you later opt for a larger home with more entrances, which therefore requires more contact points.

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