Column: And again little changes in the pig price |

Column: And again little changes in the pig price |
Column: And again little changes in the pig price |

The pig market remains unchanged, or rather almost unchanged. Compaxo tries to make up for its misstep with plus 2 cents, but that is only part of the minus 4 cents from a week earlier. Better half-turned than completely gone astray, but alas they are still astray. They are now at the same level as Westfort, but Van Rooi has kept his back straight, my compliments. It has been said so often about Vion that they are leading the way with the falling pork price and then continue to claim that everything is going so badly. Or is things going so badly mainly based on the Vion company itself. Who knows may say.

Je zou toch zeggen dat door het grotere prijsverschil er meer varkens naar Duitsland zouden gaan

Supply and demand remain in balance on the Dutch pig market, and this will not lead to any problems, even in the coming week, where one slaughter day will be cancelled. The number of pigs slaughtered this week fell by 700 pigs to 282,300 animals with a slaughter weight of 100 kg. Last year, in a full slaughter week, there were more than 300,000 heads with a slightly higher slaughter weight of 100.3 kg. This year, more than 16,300 slaughter pigs were exported in week 17; last year this was still 18,300 animals. You would say that due to the larger price difference, more pigs would go to Germany, but the Dutch pigs will perform somewhat less well in the German classification. There will be no changes to the price for the coming week. Partly because a slaughter day is canceled, but also because the meat market is not yet picking up as many people hope for. There is therefore only one option for the Boerenvarkensprijs, which remains unchanged at 2.40 euros.

The German market is also fairly stable. The German Teleporc rose briefly by 1 cent on Tuesday, but lost again on Friday. The German ISN kept its quote unchanged at EUR 2.20 on Wednesday, but the underlying quote went from EUR 2.20 to EUR 2.20 to EUR 2.20 to EUR 2.25, suggesting that the underlying market is starting to become a bit friendlier. to become. However, here too, little will change next week. We have to wait for the following week, when there can be plenty of slaughter again. The number of pigs slaughtered in Germany in the first 17 weeks is exactly 10,000 animals per week lower than in 2023. This is 1.4 percent lower. The number of sows slaughtered in the first four months is more than 4.25 percent higher than in 2023. In figures from 190,000 to 198,000 sows in 2024.

For the first time this year, France has had to drop its price slightly on the European pig market. The quotation decreases by 1.5 cents. Italy also has to give up. Here it goes down by 3 cents. In Denmark, Spain and Belgium the quotations remain in place. Little or no change in the coming week, but after that we could see some upward movement. Especially because the nicer weather could increase the demand for pork.

Vraag en aanbod biggen blijven voldoende in evenwicht op de Nederlandse markt

The piglet market is under some pressure and, especially if you let the quotation depend heavily on the export market, you will have to go down. Spain clearly offers less for the piglets and that has consequences. The question remains whether the consequences will be so great. Germany has fixed its price for piglets at 85 euros and with 48,000 piglets it is the largest buyer of Dutch piglets. Spain imported more than 44,000 piglets in week 17. A week earlier, the proportions were exactly the opposite. 47,000 piglets to Germany and 52,000 piglets to Spain.

Supply and demand remain sufficiently in balance on the Dutch market and that is why the quotation could well remain unchanged, but the pressure on the quotation is palpable and that is why the Boerenbiggen price drops 2 to 87.50 euros. The pressure on piglet prices will continue for a while, but if fattening pig prices start to rise soon, this could easily change again.

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