Crypto analyst sold Ethereum and Bitcoin for this altcoin

Crypto analyst sold Ethereum and Bitcoin for this altcoin
Crypto analyst sold Ethereum and Bitcoin for this altcoin

Pseudonymous analyst The Crypto Dog is bullish on one Ethereum challenger and two memecoins as the market slowly bounces back from the trough. “Looks like NEAR, WIF and PEPE are my golden tickets right now,” said The Crypto Dog .

Bullish on Ethereum Challenger

As for NEAR, The Crypto Dog says he sold some of his Bitcoin and Ethereum to purchase the coin.

“You may have seen me try to open a long position on NEAR last month. That didn’t quite work out with the market’s complete pullback, but I continued to suspect that this coin would overperform from the bottom.

I previously sold some of my ETH and BTC for NEAR to let this altcoin take me to new highs,” said The Crypto Dog.

At the time of writing, NEAR is trading up 5.52 percent for the past 24 hours. This brings the price to $7.28 and the project has a market cap of ~$7.7 billion.

In that respect, the project still has a huge amount of catching up to do to come close to Ethereum, which has a market cap of 380 billion dollars.

Three memecoins on the radar?

The analyst previously indicated that he had two memecoins on his radar, but in the end he appears to be monitoring three.

The first memecoin he examines is PEPE, which the analyst says looks strong on the three-day chart. “This is a beast of a chart,” said the analyst.

PEPE did particularly well last week and managed to achieve an increase of almost 25 percent over a period of seven days.

According to The Crypto Dog, FLOKI is also bullish at the moment. Particularly on the higher time frames. “Maybe I should also look at FLOKI, that graph is a monster when we zoom out.”

Finally, he also points to dogwifhat (WIF) as a coin that he believes can show special things. Of course, we wouldn’t have expected anything less from an analyst with the word “Dog” in his name.

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