Maxime Meiland seizes her alleged rapist’s account | Showbiz

Maxime Meiland seizes her alleged rapist’s account | Showbiz
Maxime Meiland seizes her alleged rapist’s account | Showbiz

showbizMaxime Meiland (28) is not giving up after her victory in the defamation case brought against her by her alleged rapist. The man must pay Maxime’s legal costs according to the court’s decision, but has not yet done so. The Dutch reality star has therefore seized his bank account.

Meiland was taken to court because in her biography she named a man who allegedly raped her. The passage is anonymous, but the man believes that the story can be traced back to him and demanded tens of thousands of euros in compensation. He also requested a correction and wanted the book to be withdrawn from the market.

However, it turned out to be a defeat for him at the court in The Hague. Meiland does not have to correct anything, withdraw it from the market or pay anything. The man himself was ordered to pay more than 4,100 euros in legal costs incurred by the opposing party.

Maxime Meiland at the presentation of her biography. © Brunopress

And because that payment has not yet been made, Meiland has now had his account seized. After an initial payment request, only a few hundred euros were received. If there is enough money in the man’s account, the case will be settled quickly. If that is not the case, Meiland and her lawyers can look for other goods to have seized. The man has also said that he will not give up the proceedings against Meiland. He therefore wants to start ‘substantive proceedings’, a more extensive process in which a legal dispute is finally settled.

Sex is not denied

Because of all the commotion, Meiland reported the alleged rape earlier this year, which allegedly took place more than thirteen years ago when both were 15 years old. The Dutch Public Prosecution Service has now decided to start an investigation into the case. Witnesses have already been heard. The man does not deny that sex took place at the time, but according to him it was done with consent.

The alleged rapist himself will give an interview on the Dutch juice channel ‘Roddelpraat’ on Wednesday at 6 p.m. He will say that he thinks Maxime has ruined his life.

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