Israel kills Iranian Revolutionary Guard leader


April 1, 2024
Today at
7:40 PM

A senior member of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards has been killed in an Israeli airstrike on the Syrian capital Damascus. Security sources report this to the Reuters news agency and confirm Iranian state media.

It is said to be commander Mohammad Reza Zahedi, one of the leaders of the branch of the Revolutionary Guard that deals with military intelligence. The attack took place on an annex of the Iranian embassy in Syria. It was completely destroyed. Seven others also died. The ambassador was unharmed. He said Iran would retaliate harshly.

Israel has often carried out attacks on Syria, especially since the war broke out in the Gaza Strip. It usually targets targets of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards or militias supported by Iran. Iran is considered an archenemy of Israel. The country supports the government of Syrian President Bashar al Assad and the Palestinian extremist movement Hamas.

‘Win win situation’

Ali Vaez, Iran expert at the International Crisis Group, told Al Jazeera on Monday that Israel’s attack on the Iranian consulate in Syria “is comparable to attacking another country on its own territory.” “So far there has been no broad regional conflict, but it seems that Israel wants to do everything it can to turn it into one,” he says.

“For Israel this is a win-win situation. It knows that Iran does not want to be drawn into a regional war. It is betting that it can attack Iranian assets and personnel in Syria with impunity. If Iran does retaliate, Israel will have a reason to expand the war.”

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