‘De Mol’: Do we have the lowest group pot ever this year?

‘De Mol’: Do we have the lowest group pot ever this year?
‘De Mol’: Do we have the lowest group pot ever this year?

The mole is doing well this year. Because in several episodes no euro was earned or the pot even ended up lower than the amount with which the episode started. Meanwhile, the pot stands at 19,160 euros. But is this the lowest pot ever? Or is there another mole who managed to keep the pot even lower?

This Sunday it’s time for the finals The mole. In it we will find out who the mole is: Michaël, Senne or Bernard. One of these three will also take home the group pot. Although it has remained remarkably low this year. That requires an overview of the past seasons. Because it concerns the lowest group pot The mole ever?

19,160 euros

The twelfth season of The mole started quite well, because in the first episode the group was able to immediately collect 8,800 euros. They also found four doublers, which ensured that the stakes of four assignments could be doubled. But in episode two things went wrong. Pandora’s box opened and 3,160 euros disappeared from the pot. In the episodes that followed, hardly any money was made, so the pot still stood at 11,140 euros after episode 5, the episode with the visitors. But after two more successful episodes, the amount increased slightly.

Just before the final, the participants were able to increase the group pot to 19,160 euros and the three finalists hope – well, one of them does not hope so – to increase the final amount to 20,000 euros in the final episode. But how do they compare to the other seasons?

Second lowest pot

When we only look at the seasons on VIER and Play4, so after the reboot The mole, the pot in the twelfth season is the second lowest. Only in season 9, the season in which Lennart was the mole, did the pot remain lower than 20,000 euros. But that of course mainly had to do with the fact that Lennart, as a mole, took 10,000 euros from the group pot in exchange for an exemption. Just before the last episode, the pot was 15,100 euros. The final group pot ended up at 18,240 euros.

Because 3,820 euros were still earned in the semi-final, the twelfth season has lost the red lantern. But the game is not over yet and money can still be earned (or lost) in the final episode. Currently, the second lowest final pot is from the eighth season, in which Alina was the mole. Then the pot stood at 22,835 euros at the end of the final. In principle, the current season’s pot could still bounce over that, although it seems unlikely to us since we have a strong mole this year who will try to avoid that.

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The mole can be seen every Sunday at 8 p.m. on Play4 and online via GoPlay.

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